You must understand the installation of modified hydropower considerations and prices

In the renovation, the installation and modification of hydropower is very important, it protects our personal safety. Well, let's introduce it to everyone. How do we change hydropower in the decoration? And equipment to modify hydropower considerations and prices.

Installed hydropower to pay attention to what matters:

How to change the decoration of hydropower? What should we pay attention to when changing hydropower? We all know that hydropower design is very important, but there are still many owners easily overlooked, many designers are easy to overlook, and now many designers do not understand hydropower, strictly speaking, home improvement company Must be equipped with professional water designers. Then, what matters should be paid attention to when installing modified hydropower? Unlike hydropower design and decorative design, hydropower design is first of all safe and practical, followed by decorative effects.

The principle of hydropower design is that it cannot be moved without moving, and it cannot be changed easily; it can be dark and dark, and no open line is allowed. Designers should carefully understand the specific conditions of the house. For a new house, designers can ask for a project completion drawing through the property company or real estate developer. For the old house, the designer should visit the site to understand it. The main contents of the electrical understanding are the total allowable load of the house, the direction of the line pipe, the specification of the wire, etc.; the plumbing has the direction of the water supply and drainage and the heating pipe, the original waterproofing method of the kitchen and the bathroom, and the material of the pipe. With the application of new technologies and new materials in the home improvement of water and electricity, those technologies and materials that are in short supply in terms of safety, environmental protection, and energy saving have gradually been eliminated. Designers should always pay attention to changes in this area. For example, the distribution system changed from the original three-phase four-wire system to three-phase five-wire system, energy-saving lamps should be widely used in the home, the Ministry of Construction to promote the application of energy-saving environmental protection and drainage materials and sanitary ware.

The circuit should be designed with accurate position, reasonable control and moderate illumination. At present, there are many electrical appliances in the home, and the position of the outlet connected to each appliance must be calculated accurately when it is designed. Otherwise, it is not easy to expose the end of the socket and it is not safe; the control of the circuit should be reasonable. For example, the living room chandeliers adopt sub-control switches and the stairs adopt dual control. Switches, etc., not only save energy, but also economical and practical; indoor lighting to moderate, too dark, bad vision, too bright, causing light pollution, and wasting energy.

Now the materials management of the building materials market is not standardized. When purchasing electricity and water materials such as wires, switches, lamps, and water supply pipes, do not plan to purchase cheaper products. To purchase regular factory products, it is best to purchase regular building materials supermarkets. In the hydropower construction process, the following points are mainly noted:

1. Do not damage the original wire piping or plumbing piping when drilling holes. When the electrical conduit is laid, it is necessary to thread the conduit. Do not bury the wire directly on the ground or in the wall. This is not only unsafe, but it cannot be repaired once it is damaged. After the plumbing pipe is applied, the plumbing pipe must be pressure tested. After the pipe is qualified, the next process is performed to prevent the pipe from leaking and causing damage.

2, the kitchen and bathroom, etc. need to do waterproof parts, after the completion of the water must be closed water test, after passing qualifying.

3, wire connectors must be tinned, kitchen and bathroom fittings recommended to do waterproofing, joints can be used high-pressure self-adhesive tape and black tape for dressing.

4. Lamps with a weight of more than 3 kilograms must be fixed on bolts or embedded hooks. It is forbidden to use wooden wedges to fix them; the metal shell of lamps with installation height less than 2.4 meters must be protected grounded, and the toilet must use waterproof sockets.

One: Install the revised price of hydropower:

Water pipe reform (PP-R pipe) price 38-46 yuan per meter

Drainage pipe reform (50 and below diameter) 50-80 yuan per meter price

Valve diameter of 20mm per unit price of 65 yuan, 25mm per unit price of 80 yuan

Excavation toilet deposit price per square unit 60

Second, the renovation of the house to change the price:

2.5mm2 power conversion unit price of 23 yuan per meter, 4mm2 power conversion per unit price of 28 yuan, 6mm2 power conversion per meter price of 38 yuan, the original pipe through the wall of wire price per meter 18 yuan. The cassettes range from 5-15 yuan each. Wall drilling 10-30 yuan. TV line, telephone line, network cable is about 20 yuan per meter, switch socket 100-200 yuan interval.

Renovation of the house's hydropower reform related materials prices

1,20PP-R water pipe (concealed): 60 yuan / m b.20PP-R water pipe (surface mounted): 45 yuan / m c. launching installation (50PVC pipe) 60 yuan / m PS: PP-R pipe For Weixing or Kinder Pipes, the water is a pipe with one equal diameter and one different-diameter pipe sleeve per meter, and a 90-degree elbow.

2, does not contain valve hardware 3,25 water pipes plus 10 yuan per meter

4, less than one meter by one meter

5, drilling another charge, bearing wall 40 yuan / month, non-load-bearing wall 20 yuan / month

6, PP-R pipes are thick skin 2.8 hot water pipes.

7, under the water pipe calculated by 50 more than 50 to negotiate.

Xiao Bian concludes: It is necessary to modify the water and electricity precautions and prices. We hope to help you. For more information, please pay attention to this website.

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