Which is better for eucalyptus and Wujinmu? Is the coffin even better or Wujinmu to a higher level

Aupo Furniture Newsletter People are not many, Wujinmu is now a piece of camphor in the market, the wood texture is straight, the pattern is clear, the wood elasticity is good, the moisture resistance, the corrosion resistant eucalyptus is always the darling of high-grade furniture wood. . So which is better for Wujinmu and Zhangmu ? Below, Xiaobian explains for you.


What are the better characteristics of eucalyptus and eucalyptus?

The texture is tough, the texture is straight and rough, and the boldness and the simple natural color are all in harmony with the concept of human beings that the ancients admire;

The better Wujinmu characteristics of Wujinmu and Zhangmu

The material has luster, no special smell and taste, the texture is straight or slightly staggered, the structure is fine and even, and the wood is very heavy; the wooden metal has a very strong flow and the texture looks very shiny.


Xiaobian summary: Relatively comparing two kinds of wood, Wujinmu's material is better, the color is more durable, generous, and graded. In fact, both are very good, look at the personal choice, for reference only hope to help you!

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