What is the focus on the purchase of blood coagulation equipment from direct selling manufacturers?

The blood coagulation analyzer, also called the blood coagulation instrument, is a clinically common instrument for laboratory examination of blood clots and hemostasis. The detection of hemostatic and thrombus molecular markers is closely related to various clinical diseases. It can be seen that the blood coagulation analysis w22svlw instrument has a great effect on the diagnosis of clinical diseases. Blood coagulation instruments can be divided into two types: fully automatic and semi-automatic. So how do you choose a suitable product?
Laboratory tests for thrombosis and hemostasis using a blood coagulation instrument can provide valuable indicators for the diagnosis, thrombolysis, and anticoagulant therapy monitoring and therapeutic observation of hemorrhagic and thrombotic diseases. With the development of science and technology, the detection of thrombosis and hemostasis has become simple, rapid, accurate and reliable. The following picture shows this Prang Medical Hemagglutination Analyzer is a cost-effective device.
(Prang Medical - PUN-2048 Series Semi-Automatic Coagulation Analyzer)
1, using the principle of optoelectronics for wyiqacyilh detection, suitable for coagulation method, chromogenic substrate method, immunoturbidimetric detection items, such as: coagulation four, coagulation factors, fibrinolysis factors, etc., and has PT calculus FBG function;
2, the instrument has wyiqacyil automatic sensing plus reagent signal function
3. The instrument has calibration and calibration value correction functions, and has the function of storing and calling calibration parameters;
4. It can query the calibration parameters and test the test results, and print a comprehensive report;
5, can display and store the calibration standard curve;
6, can input patient information, can store 1000 patient test results;
7. The instrument has quality control function, which can display and print quality control data and quality control chart;
8, the instrument has a large screen Chinese interface, easy to operate, easy to master, optional computer and software.
The above-mentioned PUN-2048 series semi-automatic coagulation analyzer has many features. If you are interested in knowing or want to buy, you are welcome to contact us directly. Our service hotline is 400-6656-888, and you want to know more. Products such as animal fluorescence immunoassay analyzer, blood gas electrolyte analyzer, etc., we will be happy to serve you, your satisfaction is our wish! Http://news.chinawj.com.cn What is the focus on the purchase of blood coagulation equipment from direct selling manufacturers?

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