What is the current status of China's plate market?


The in-depth distribution has come to an end, which has brought severe challenges to the production-oriented enterprises. The contradiction between production and marketing has intensified the contradiction between the manufacturers. The low-end sheet metal is invisible to the market and cannot be read or understood. Between the distributors and the factories, due to their own immediate interests, they forced the factory to fail to carry out reforms. The reforms meant the first to eat crabs. On the consumer side, consumers are influenced by various concepts. In a huge market, they cannot find the products they really need. The reason is simple, because the overall market is like this. This mainly depends on whether the factory's production methods can be changed. Many sheet metal manufacturers cannot move from stock-to-stock production methods to order-based production methods like Toyota. In other words, the manufacturing system cannot effectively control inventory and inventory deviations, nor can it produce genuine consumer demand and products that meet market development laws. Under the pressure of cash flow, the continuous expansion of production capacity and output has increased the sales and marketing efforts of the factory's marketing system, and promoted the production of over-manufactured products. As a result, the market has a large number of products that do not meet market demands. This is a vicious cycle.

Under this mode of production, companies and sales systems can never stand in the consumer's perspective to think about problems, and they can never be consumers' spokespersons. On the contrary, it can only be a strong salesman of the production system, not the purchaser of the channel and its terminal retail outlets, and it is not the consumer's purchaser. It is increasingly difficult for factories to do, and the trade in plates is becoming more and more difficult. It is for this reason that products that are obviously not really needed by consumers must be imposed on consumers.

The second problem faced by the sheet factory is the reversal of the relationship between supply and demand, and businesses are pushing the supply chain. The result of price reduction promotions must be a reversal of supply and demand. The principle of production is based on efficiency. The principle of consumers is utility, that is, the value brought by products. Producers cannot change their production methods, and cannot rely on performance to increase the cost-effectiveness of their products. The result is also a vicious circle, diminishing utility of products, reversal of supply and demand, consumer-led markets, and enhanced awareness of sovereignty. These are questions that you can think of without thinking about your brain.

Well, the chain reaction triggered by this is that the dealers and traders in the middle of the supply and demand relationship take advantage of the rise and rely on the advantageous advantages of one hand to hold the two. From the standpoint of consumers, the plate production enterprises and the entire supply are forged. Chains, such as illicit money, such as price cuts, forced the factory to hit the price station, and would not sell or sell if they did not fight. Thus squeezing the profit margin of the production companies. Continue to deteriorate, will put the production companies into trouble.

Therefore, in the plate market in China, it is necessary to clarify these issues first, to make factories and to trade.

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