What is the best material for ceiling decoration in the living room?

All ceilings can be light steel keel plasterboard ceiling is better. Take part of the ceiling, use the height difference of the ceiling to define the virtual space to divide the space; then use the local lighting and spot lighting to enhance the sense of space; also can use color to distinguish the space; as for the choice of material, you can choose the decorative cloth. Said elastic cloth plus lined lights.

The ceiling has light steel keel gypsum board ceilings, wooden keel gypsum board ceilings, ceilings are divided into the ceiling and not on the ceiling, usually living room ceiling is not on the person, the material are: steel, gypsum board, metal connectors; Or wood keel, gypsum board and so on.

Home decoration in the living room lamp pool, the restaurant's local shape is mostly made of gypsum board, gypsum board is light, low price, convenient construction, but the commonly used products are fire-resistant, moisture resistance is poor.

PVC board is mainly used in the bathroom or kitchen, the price is relatively cheap, about tens of yuan per square meter, lighter weight, waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-mite. More color patterns, mostly plain. Select this type of material and notice that there should be no cracks or scratches on the surface. The disadvantage is that the high temperature resistance is not strong.

Aluminum buckle plate is a new type of ceiling material. Its purpose in home decoration is also mainly used in the bathroom or kitchen. Its performance is not only fireproof, moistureproof, but also anticorrosion, antistatic, sound-absorbing, sound-insulating, beautiful, and durable. It belongs to superior ceiling materials. . Its common shapes are long shape, square shape, etc. The surface has two kinds of flat and punched holes. The price of domestic aluminum buckle board is about 60 yuan per square meter, and the price of imported aluminum buckle board is about 200 yuan. The difference is mainly in hardness. The board mainly looks at the glossy film thickness.

The price of mineral wool board is between 20 and 50 yuan per square meter, and its sound-absorbing performance is good. It can absorb sound, heat insulation, and fire protection. It is commonly used in public places and is used by families. PS board is a new type of imported material, it has a variety of colors, flexibility, light weight, because it has a good light transmission, mainly used for light ceilings, the price of 100 to 200 yuan per square meter.

The commonly used ceiling materials in the living room include wood plywood, stone surface plaster board, decorative plaster board, plastic buckle board, aluminum buckle board, and plastic organic light transmitting board.

Process method:

The general living room is directly decorated on the floor, so many decorative methods on the wall are suitable for the ceiling. Some families have to make ceilings in the living room in order to obtain decorative effects and enhance the atmosphere, or for the top-level households to insulate and cool, or to conceal the various defects of the original roof. In order to prevent steam from invading the ceiling, the toilet shall be space-saving, be conducive to heat preservation, conceal the upper and lower water pipes, and must be protected from moisture.

Acceptance method:

1. The variety, specification, color, basic structure, and fixing method of the materials used in the ceiling project shall be designed according to the requirements of the household and comply with the current standards.

2. The ceiling keel shall not be twisted or deformed. The installed ceiling keel shall be solid and reliable, with an allowable deviation of 5 mm around the perimeter.

3. Light fixtures can be hung on the main keel. Luminaires or ceiling fans with a weight greater than 3kg must not be attached to the keel of the ceiling. Additional hooks are required.

4. Ceiling cover panel and keel should be closely connected, the surface should be flat, without pollution, cracks, missing edges, falling corners, hammers and other defects, joints should be consistent, bead straight, no warping, cover panel and wall, Curtain boxes, lamps and other junctions should be tight.

5. Gypsum panels are generally fixed on the keel with galvanized screws. The nail head should be painted with antirust paint. The affixed surface shall not have delamination, and the shelving panel shall not have leakage, penetration, or warping.

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