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Continental siding is a type of wall decoration material that has developed rapidly in recent years. It uses wood as a base material and has a good decorative effect. Continental siding has many excellent properties. It can replace wood wall skirts and can replace wallpaper and other wall decoration materials, so it is favored by many consumers. The following small series for everyone to introduce what is the European siding and European siding installation process.

What is a European style siding

European style siding is a kind of decorative material based on wood. It is a new type of decorative material that has been used in our home for a long time in recent years. We can use it instead. Wall tiles, wallpapers, and other decorative wall materials, it is light and convenient, very safe to use, and the decorative effect is quite good, often people also apply it to some of the special luxury home decoration.

The sidings used in home decoration in our daily life are often some high-grade siding made of wood, and their patterns are varied, including imitation stone, ceramic tile, imitation wood, and spinning wallpaper. In various forms, etc., due to the popularity of solid wood products in recent years, solid wood type wall coverings are also a kind of decoration materials that are most popular among the public. They are not only environmentally friendly, but also satisfy people's needs for decoration.

European style wall panel installation process

1. Before preparing for construction, measure the length and width of the wall surface measurement. According to the size of the wallboard, calculate the integer blocks of the wallboard after the renovation and minimize the waste of materials. If there is extra space, use the siding boards to complete the board, and the position of the board is best distributed at both ends so as not to affect the overall effect.

2. When installing the wainscot wall, the wall should be kept clean, dry, flat, and highly elastic. In order to adapt to the local climatic conditions, the wainscot wall should reach the moisture content of the air, and the original packaging should be unpacked and stored on the spot at least after buying it back. 3 days.

3, in many decoration will be applied to the baseboard, of course, installation of wall panels is no exception, we need to use the baseboard hooks with expansion screws or steel nails fixed to the wall, the height from the ground is preferably 7.8cm, Every 60cm needs to fix a hook, then hang the 45° angle baseboard to the hook. Special attention should be paid to areas with high humidity, such as the corners of furniture, and appropriate expansion joints should be provided to prevent the siding from tilting and retracting due to moisture.

4. When installing the wainscot, insert the baseboard from left to right. The first piece is best installed from the notch to the corner of the wall. Place the expansion screw or steel nail 1.5cm away from the escutcheon plate mouth. Take care that the screws do not protrude from the siding and this will affect the appearance.

5, full-height wallboard installation needs to first saw the convex groove of the first wallboard, smooth out, and then start from the corner, the protruding part needs to install a steel nail every 60cm, every piece must be a piece Knock with a hammer and adjust with a ruler. The last piece needs to be coated with special glue on the back of the siding. Splicing each piece must be done strictly according to requirements, so as not to affect the overall appearance.

6. When installing to the end, the two edges of the corner need to be coated with special glue, stick to the top corner, and then pull it apart for a moment and then tightly glue it. This will increase the durability of the siding and increase its useful life.

Editor's summary: What is the European siding and European siding installation process introduced here, I hope to help everyone. If you want to know more related information, you can pay attention to this website information.

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