What are the key points and preparations for building construction surveys?

Building construction surveying is the first process of construction and an extremely important process. It must not only conform to the plane position, size, and elevation of the design drawings, but also meet the requirements of urban planning. The following small series introduces the relevant knowledge of construction measurement.

What are the preparations for building construction surveys?

First, the preparation of construction surveys should include: review of construction plans, measurement of the basis of the handover and detection of the basis, the preparation of the measurement program and data preparation, measurement instruments and tools for inspection and correction, construction site measurement and so on.

2. Before the construction survey, the relevant construction documents shall be collected and analyzed according to the requirements of the project task, and the following contents shall be included:

(1) Urban planning and surveying and mapping results;

(2) Engineering survey report;

(3) Construction design drawings and relevant change documents;

(4) Construction organization design or construction plan;

(5) Surveying and mapping achievements such as underground pipelines and construction (buildings) and structures in construction sites.

Third, the construction of measurement program preparation and measurement data preparation, construction measurement program is to guide the construction of the measurement of technical basis, program preparation should include the following:

1. Project Overview;

2. Mission requirements;

3. Construction measurement technical basis, measurement methods and technical requirements;

4. The starting point of the detection;

5. Building positioning line, inspection line and foundation and more than ± 0.000 construction measurement;

6. Security, quality assurance system and specific measures;

7. Data collection and submission of results.

Note: According to the size and complexity of the construction survey task, the above content can be simplified.

IV. Preparation of construction survey data should include the following:

1. Calculate construction stakeout data according to construction drawings;

2. According to the stakeout data, sketch the construction stakeout. Construction survey data and sketches should be independently checked.

3. The construction measurement calculation data shall be promptly collated, bound into a book, and properly kept.

V. Inspection, calibration and maintenance of measuring instruments and measuring tools

1. In order to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the measurement results, the measuring instruments and measuring instruments shall be examined and verified according to the relevant provisions of the national measurement department or the competent department of construction management. They may be used only after passing the verification.

2. In addition to measuring and measuring instruments and gauges, the main shafting relationships of the frequently used theodolites and leveling instruments should be checked and corrected before each construction survey. The construction should also be carried out regularly every one to three months. Check the calibration.

3. The use of measuring instruments and measuring tools should be carried out in accordance with the relevant operating procedures, and should be carefully kept, and the maintenance should be strengthened to keep it in good condition.

Sixth, all surveyors are qualified after passing the training.

What is the focus of building surveys?

1, according to the level of measurement requirements selected testing equipment.

2. The operator must undergo professional training.

3, when measuring, should pay attention to the weather and wind speed effects.

4. Support staff must also undergo professional training.

5, the reference point of measurement must be accurate.

6. The calculation is accurate.

What are the key points and preparations for building construction survey above? If you want to know more relevant information, please pay more attention to this site and provide everyone with more complete, more detailed and updated information.

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