What are the errors in the autumn decoration? How to avoid

The autumn is a good time for decoration. Many netizens are willing to choose fall decoration because of the many benefits of autumn decoration. For example, because the climate is dry, wood panels are not easy to return to moisture, paints and paints are easy to dry, but there are also some unique decoration sequelae. . Let's take a look at the problems that fall decoration will encounter, the misunderstandings of the decoration, and the precautions that the experts put forward for the users who are ready for the fall.

First, rush to dry wooden building materials

The moisture content of wood that has just been bought back is basically the same as that of the environment. Immediately placed in the air outlet to dry it will cause the wood to lose water quickly, cracks will appear on the surface, and the edges of the wood will shrink, which will affect the appearance.

Solution: After the wood is processed, it needs to be sealed and moisturized.

Second, rush to dry paint, wallpaper

Home improvement paint or paste wallpaper, because the summer is wet, usually open the doors and windows to allow the walls to dry in a short time. However, if doors and windows are opened in the fall, the weather will dry faster because the weather is already dry. However, due to the rapid loss of water, there is a possibility of contraction and deformation.

Solution: Paint or paving wallpaper for 1-2 days, keep the window closed, or ventilation only in the morning and evening, but always keep the wall dry naturally. In addition to dryness, even wallpaper should be replenished with water. Before laying, it must be soaked in water and then brushed.

Third, ignore the fire prevention work

Ordinary home decoration materials will inevitably have different degrees of fire hazards. If the wire is made of aluminum wire with poor conductivity, it is prone to heat, loose connectors or even fire. If you directly dig a buried wire on the wall during construction without using a regular casing installation, there is a possibility of leakage and fire.

Solution: Fire-retardant materials should be used for the material selection of indoor ceilings, and non-burning or non-flammable materials should be selected on the raw materials of walls, floors, and grass-roots. The wood used for making kitchen utensils must be fire-proofed. All electrical circuits should be sleeved, junction boxes, switches, trough lights, ceiling lamps, and non-flammable materials around the heat-generating devices should be used for fire protection and thermal insulation. Circuits and electrical installations in home improvement should also be strictly enforced. . The wire should use copper wire. In addition, it is necessary to ensure the safety of on-site construction, for example, it is not possible to pull wires and wires unprotected, or there is no protective tube on the power line; paint and other flammable materials should be stored away from the fire source, cool, ventilated, and safe; the construction site should be every day Clean, remove wood chips, paint scales and other combustibles.

Autumn decoration knowledge

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