Use of pollution-free vegetable pesticides

With the development of vegetable cultivation, the types of pests and diseases have gradually increased, and the abuse and misuse of pesticides by farmers during production has occurred. In order to help farmers use pesticides scientifically, the principles and methods of using pesticides for pollution-free vegetables are introduced as follows:

First, the principle of use

(1) Strictly observe the scope and dosage of pesticides. The use of pesticides should be in accordance with the instructions on the package, and the scope of use, the target of treatment, the amount of medication, and the number of medications should be mastered. Do not blindly increase the concentration of use.

(2) Defining the safety interval of pesticides. The safe interval for each pesticide is specified in the Guidelines for the Safe Use of Pesticides and must be strictly observed when using the drug.

(3) medication according to the use of standards or guidelines. When using pesticides, it must be carried out in accordance with the “Provisions for the Safe Use of Pesticides” and the “Guidelines for the Rational Use of Pesticides” promulgated by the State. It is strictly prohibited to be highly toxic, highly toxic and high in methamidophos, monocrotophos, carbofuran and omethoate. Residual pesticides are used on vegetables, and it is not allowed to expand the scope of use and change the method of use.

Second, the method of use

(1) Ensure symptomatic medication. There are many kinds of vegetable diseases and insect pests, and the symptoms of harm in different places are also different. In different environments, the resistance ability of pests and diseases is different. It is necessary to select suitable pesticides according to the specific pest types to receive good control effects.

(2) Grasp the appropriate period of medication. Dosing in a critical period not only improves the efficacy, but also reduces the number of medications and reduces pesticide residues. For plant pests and diseases, prevention should be based on prevention and control.

(3) Pay attention to the rotation of medication. Long-term use of a pesticide, pests and diseases will produce resistance, resulting in reduced efficacy. In order to improve the control effect of pesticides, and not to contaminate vegetable products due to excessive use of pesticides or to cause resistance to pests and diseases, attention should be paid to the rotation of several pesticides.

(4) Reasonable compounding of pesticides. Reasonable mixing of pesticides has the advantages of preventing and controlling a variety of pests and diseases, improving control efficiency, saving labor, etc. However, if improperly mixed, not only can not achieve mixed effects, but also cause crop phytotoxicity. In general, it is advisable to use two or three kinds of pesticides when mixing pesticides.

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