Tool fixture price stability, abrasive abrasive prices rose sharply

Tool fixture price stability, abrasive abrasive prices rose sharply The total price index of the “China Chengdu Hardware and Electromechanical Index” was 99.58, which was 0.02 percentage points higher than last week's 99.56, and was slightly higher. The upward trend has slowed down. Hardware and electromechanical categories that rose this week were hardware tools (current price index was 101.29, up by 0.69 percentage points from 100.60 in the previous period), and electromechanical equipment (in this period, the price index was 98.08, up by 0.33 percentage point from 97.75 in the previous period). The current index of tools and fixtures was 98.99, up 0.54%, and the price fluctuation of tools and fixtures was small. Abrasives and abrasives index 111.19, up 5.25%, prices rose sharply.

Micron graded diamond abrasive, anchored to a variety of flexible backings in metal or resin bond matrices, in an open dot pattern.Excellent for grinding and finishing non-ferrous metals, glass and ceramic materials.These belts are converted from premium grade, metal bond coated abrasive jumbos to customers' special dimensions. Our factory only purchase the best abrasive cloth manufacturers that offer world-class technology in their products, which means our customers will benefit form the highest quality belt performance available anywhere. Belts are available in a variety of grit and grain specification for use on metal etc. Each belt can be produced in a wide range of custom size for use on many different types of equipment. The product available for Flexible Diamond Abrasive are: - Flexible Diamond Abrasive Belts - Flexible Diamond  Abrasive Discs - Flexible Diamond Abrasive  Files - Flexible Diamond Hand Pad and Laps.

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