Titanium Madi: The precautions for the decoration of the wall, the safety must first be broken

Titanium Madi Furniture News News As the saying goes, "breaking and standing", the decoration wall can not only meet the design requirements, but also make the layout more reasonable, so the decoration wall is the first step of every home decoration. However, there are a lot of precautions in the decoration of the wall. If you do not have the wrong wall or the wrong wall, it may have irreparable consequences on the overall structure of the house, and even affect personal safety. Here are some precautions for decorating the wall.


First of all, you must do all the preparation work before the renovation.

Renovation of the wall is a big project, which requires a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare the work before the renovation of the wall to avoid wasting resources. For example, you must go through relevant procedures in advance to prevent accidents. Before decorating the wall, you must first understand the living conditions of the neighbors. Otherwise, it will be bad if you hit a neighbor and hurt the person. It is best to use a cutting machine to cut the part of the brush layer that needs to be removed, and use the hammer drill to gradually remove it, so that it will not create too much noise and affect neighbors. Beforehand, find a water and electrician to renovate some major hydropower lines to avoid affecting the normal supply of water and electricity. Finally, pay attention to the damage of the adjacent wall after the removal.

Secondly, to find out the type of wall in front of the wall, it is best to find professional and technical personnel.

The wall is subject to different forces and different materials, and the type of wall is different. Generally speaking, it is the load-bearing wall that can withstand the load brought by the roof and the slab, and the non-bearing wall can not bear. Of course, the specific analysis of the specific situation, whether it is the load-bearing wall depends on the specific structure and drawings of the house. Also, the renovation of the wall must be looking for professional and technical personnel, although the money spent a little more, can win in a safe and reliable.

Finally, be sure to mark when decorating the wall.

When decorating the wall, it is impossible for the owner to supervise the construction situation on the whole site, so it is necessary to mark it in advance. After explaining clearly with the construction personnel, mark the wall to be smashed with chalk or paint to avoid mistaking the wall, wasting manpower, material and financial resources, and even causing accidents.

There are a lot of things to decorate the wall. Everyone must figure out which are the load-bearing walls, which ones can be removed and which ones can't be removed. Only in this way can the next wall be done, otherwise it will cause damage to personal safety and property safety. .

At this point, Xiaobian’s introduction to the decoration of the wall is finished. Have you read the above decoration wall considerations, do you still have any understanding? Do not pay attention, do not blindly smash the wall, otherwise it will cause serious consequences, hurt others, want to know more furniture information Please pay attention to Titanium Furniture

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