Three rooms and one hall decoration notice three rooms and one hall how to decorate

Decoration is an eternal topic. The first thing most people need to do after they receive a new house is decoration. Even if it is an old house, people will always want to refurbish it after a few years. The housing is inseparable from the decoration. Most of them have three bedrooms and one living room. How can three bedrooms and one living room be renovated? At this point learning three rooms and one hall decoration notice is very necessary, the following will introduce the next three rooms and one hall decoration notice it.

Three rooms and one hall how to decorate

1, a reasonable layout

Regardless of the size of the house, whether it is big or small, it is most important to deploy it rationally. If you have no idea, then we suggest that you should take into account the number of family members, preferences, lifestyle, and family lifestyle. Planning can be used to dismantle and move non-load-bearing walls properly to achieve the purpose of optimizing indoor layout.

2, dynamic and static partition

This is a key factor to ensure comfortable living. When considering the layout, the “dynamic zone” generally refers to the hall, dining room, activity line and kitchen and bathroom space. The “quiet zone” is the bedroom, study, and bedroom. The living room connected to the bedroom should minimize the intersection between the two areas, so as to ensure that the quiet area is not disturbed.

3, concerned about the characteristics of family members

In general, the three bedrooms are sufficient for families of three generations to live together. When designing a layout, the characteristics of all family members should be taken into account. Designing a safe and comfortable living space for each person is especially important for the elderly and children. In addition, families who frequent guest visits and temporary stays should also design a room area to provide guests with an independent activity area to ensure privacy for all.

Three rooms and one hall decoration notice

1, Feng Shui

Many people think that it is an evil technique. In fact, we can also think of it as a comprehensive science with astronomical and geographic basis. It is an explanation of the natural gas field, etc. Therefore, when designing houses, we must pay attention to daily issues such as entrances, financial positions, fish tanks, and bedroom sizes, and follow Feng Shui rules.

2, function

As mentioned above, the age range of each person in a family is different. Therefore, it must be combined with the characteristics of the person in the design so that it can meet the detailed requirements of all people, and it is comfortable, convenient, and upward, including the air-conditioning system. , Security Intelligence, Network, Communication, Background Music, Closed Circuit, etc. The essential functions of life.

Summary: The above is Xiaobian made today for everyone to pay attention to the decoration of three rooms and one room , I believe that my friends have a certain understanding, we can refer to the three rooms and one hall decoration design, I hope this article is helpful to you .

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