The unified operation concept of JUNKER grinding machine

Relying on a public design and visual monitoring software, the Erwin-Junk grinder manufacturer has developed a B&B-solution that works well for all of its machine tools. For the first time, this solution enables data transfer via OPC to NC and PLC, so that machine operation can be performed independently of the control system. They also integrated the operation of all machine tools under this operator interface, revolutionizing operations, training, spare parts inventory and repair work.

With the differentiation and specialization of technology in different user fields, the number of machine tools and the number of control solutions that have followed have increased over the years. The specialized data access mechanism eventually led to a lot of different operating interfaces, which required users to have high flexibility in application capabilities like service personnel. This situation ultimately forces people to reduce this complexity and diversity and put everything on a standardized basis. The Erwin-Junke machine tool manufacturing plant in Noltrach, in the Black Forest region of Germany, faces the same problem. Since its establishment in 1962, this grinding machine manufacturer has become a global market for the industry with its 1,000 production sites in Germany and the Czech Republic and 1,000 employees in sales companies in the UK, Czech, US and China. Leading supplier.

For the three major business areas of JUNKER, namely the automotive, tooling and metalworking industries, there are nearly 60 types and a corresponding number of additional configurations that can be individually selected. And in the operation and visual monitoring also formed a variety of different solutions in the operation of many years. In the interest of the user, and in order to reduce the burden of the company's internal engineering design, JUNKER decided in the late 1990s to achieve integrated management through the B&B program: "This is the beginning for the future," John, the project director of the operation interface. Mr. Nes Schatzler said, “It needs to be consolidated not only in terms of hardware but also in software to a single standard. This standard should cover all requirements, especially to meet the requirements of the automotive industry. ”

Figure 1: Synchro 4000, a multi-grinding grinding machine from JUNKER, with a clear interface

Hardware standards are more flexible and reliable

When looking for new hardware standards, only a few vendors were initially considered. They are able to provide the necessary work efficiency and recognition in the automotive industry.

Therefore, JUNKER finally decided to use Siemens' Sinumerik 840D for control – a CNC control solution that is preferred by many European car manufacturers along with the digital drive system Simodrive 611D and the operator interface Transline 2000 IIMI Pro in their production lines.

The new operator interface not only has to adapt to this almost quasi-standard state, but also often maintains the individual requirements of users in other markets and industries. Here, the adoption of the Windows standard becomes a smart solution in the field of automation: OLE-Automation, ODBC, and especially OPC (OLE for Process Control) systems greatly reduce the development work independent of the control system operation functions, making different The data on the NC, PLC and other auxiliary data instruments can be easily accessed.

The hardware required for the future of the new operating interface mentioned above is also quickly determined. This EJOP (Erwin Junker Operator Panel) is synthesized from the following combinations and applied to all JUN machines: one operator panel OP012 with industrial-PC PCU50 in Windows NT state, one machine operation The panel and a user-professional printer panel that can be freely placed. They communicate via a shaped data bus. At the same time, JUNKER strives to find the right software foundation to achieve the set goals as quickly and easily as possible.

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