The overall customized new fashion enjoys the world in Dalian

With the rapid development of China's furniture industry, Dalian has continuously revealed some superior furniture manufacturing enterprises, such as Yusheng ...

The era of overall custom home is coming. With the rapid development of China's economy and the continuous improvement of national income, people's consumption psychology is rapidly climbing from the bottom of Maslow's demand pyramid to the upper middle class, from the most basic physiological needs to spirit, mind, status and self-realization The level is close, as the modern home life on the basis of the economy is a concentrated embodiment. The overall custom home with functional humanization and uniform style breaks through the traditional furniture functional limitations and the shortcomings of messy style. It has been popular in economically developed European and American countries for many years, and is now becoming a new favorite in home consumption in China's first-tier cities. Nowadays, Dalian citizens can even meet the global trend of home furnishing at their doorstep.

Recently, an aircraft carrier in the overall custom home industry, whose production base is located in Yusheng · Oumei, Dalian, with its international design team, introduced the new concept of in-depth overall customization, a popular European and American home furnishing, into China, combining Chinese elements. With its powerful strength and international concept and posture, it has attracted the attention of people in the industry and the general public. In line with the urban gene of “combination of Chinese and Western” in Dalian, Yusheng · European has put forward the core concept of “integrating global wisdom and surpassing traditional customization” for the modern home furnishing industry with immature and imperfections. The family provides one-stop home customization services including home overall planning and cabinets, wardrobes, bookcases, bathroom cabinets, beds, TV cabinets, etc., and is committed to being a new leader in China's overall custom home industry.

In the current domestic custom home furnishing market, about 70% of the enterprises are still workshop-style family businesses. The products produced by such enterprises have been unable to meet the consumption needs of urban families in terms of product quality, functional humanization and overall planning and design. As an overall home furnishing brand that has just entered mainland China, Yusheng · European House started with its international design team and insisted on integrating and optimizing global home furnishing. In addition to hiring several top-level home furnishing designers from Britain, the United States, Germany, Italy, France and other European and American countries, and forming a global home design team with Chinese local designers, Yusheng · European is also at its Dalian production base Invested 330 million yuan to introduce the world's most advanced German Haomai digital flexible custom home production line and professional custom home design software. With its large production bases with a total production area of ​​more than 200,000 square meters, Yusheng · Europe and America has ensured that the world's leading life concepts, design art and humanized home furnishing trends are perfectly presented to Chinese consumers.

Yusheng · European Home will bring unprecedented international customized home furnishing services to consumers. Looking at the current home customization service in the domestic market, it is also generally found in surface articles such as color selection of gauges, selection of plates, and customization of single products, which cannot truly reflect the profound connotation and extended value of "customization". Based on this, Yusheng · European House took the lead in introducing the new European and American customized home furnishing concepts in China, and proposed the service concepts of “overall customization rather than partial customization”, “customization for people rather than space customization” and “digital customization”. The VIP designers of Sheng · Europe and American homes provide customers with exclusive home space overall layout and color matching schemes in combination with each customer's personalized needs, career characteristics, home improvement overall style and color preferences, etc., not only to provide users with style coordination The unified, fully functional and reasonable, healthy technology and environmentally friendly whole-house home solution will also use digital technology to deeply tap the individual needs of each user and family, and even each user, to create a truly exclusive dream home space.

Environmental protection, low-carbon, technology and humanistic lifestyles are becoming popular worldwide, and have become the basic requirements of consumers for furniture and home space. Thanks to the natural advantages of the Northeast region, Yusheng · Europe and America insists on using the best quality formaldehyde-free plates in Asia and imported
E0 and E1 grade plates that meet European standards , together with the world's top imported hardware accessories, to ensure environmental protection for users , A healthy life stage.

The forward-looking concept of the international team, the overall customization of the whole house, beyond the traditional in-depth service, the excellent quality of human nature and environmental protection, Yusheng · European home is not only a slogan, "to meet the world in Dalian, to enjoy the world in Dalian", its future is worthwhile we hope.

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