Talking about the 8 characteristics of the cutting machine

The automatic cutting machine is used for dividing and cutting the sheets of various industries. It does not need any molds; it is controlled by the system software, and then the products are directly cut, as long as the corresponding parameters are set on the operating platform. The computer transmits the corresponding command to the cutting machine; the cutting machine performs rapid cutting according to the accepted design artwork, and the automatic program is high; the operation is simple, and the cutting device used in many industries at present. Today, China Plastics Industry website - Jiuzhi Plastics Co., Ltd. tells you about the eight characteristics of the cutting machine, as follows:

Talking about the 8 characteristics of the cutting machine
1, fast: a picture can be completed in a few minutes, the machine can work 24 hours, can do small batch production. No need for die
2, high precision: the use of high-precision imported guide rails, accuracy of up to ± 0.05MM.
3, free of the mold: can avoid the customer to constantly modify the image file caused by the pre-sampling input cost is too large.
4, the effect is good: the effect of cutting out is the same as that of the knife molding product, avoiding the side burning caused by the laser machine proofing
5, the performance is higher than the laser machine: the laser will burn, and the cutting precision is higher
6, a wide range of cutting: deep thickness, variety, and exclusive domestic.
7. Environmental protection: no pollution, suitable for dust-free workshop, fully automatic computer program to control cutting.
8, easy to operate: free of charge for on-site installation and commissioning training, 30 minutes employees can operate their own production.

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