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Nowadays, too many people do not have a ceiling in the whole house and do not install the main light. It is a simple personality, the trend is fashionable, and it is a popular trend, and it is not limited to the size of the apartment. Because it may be said that the whole house does not have a suspended ceiling and no main lights, many people will think that this is a small apartment, and the way you can use it. The large bedroom is completely unnecessary, but in fact, more and more large apartments are also installed in this way. The simplicity and texture are highlighted, and the grade is particularly improved. So no matter the size of the apartment, regardless of the decoration style, as long as you like, you can try it. Let's take a look at how the two areas of Suzhou's decorated living room and bedroom are designed without ceilings or main lights, and they have both value and practicality.

In fact, it ’s easy to understand without ceilings, without installing main lights, some people are not too clear, or do not install main lighting tools, such as main pendant lights, main ceiling lights, etc., but use spotlights, downlights, light belts and Floor lamps, etc., are used for decentralized replacement. This is actually a big advantage over the main lamps. No matter which area is applicable, it is briefly described in two points.

First of all, the main lamp, although the lighting effect is better and brighter, but the corners and corners of the area, some corners are easy to have lighting dead spots, which is more obvious in the kitchen, because sometimes the body blocks the light, resulting in some The places that are not in the picture bring some inconvenience to the chef.

Secondly, if the floor of the living room is not high, such as below 2.7 meters, if you install a ceiling and hang a chandelier, it will be very easy to pull down the low floor, resulting in a full sense of depression in the living room. One can imagine that it is not beautiful at all.

The following two areas are selected, focusing on the living room and the bedroom. You can find out whether the current trend has reached the desired effect.

1. Suzhou decoration living room

This living room does not have a suspended ceiling, and the effect of not installing the main light, is it a lot of light to look bright? Usually replace the main lamp, can be downlights, lamp belts, floor lamps, or other ways of auxiliary lamps. This choice of surface mounted downlight is the simplest and most convenient way to save money and hassle. It can meet the lighting needs of different locations, the lighting has no dead ends, and the effect is also stylish.

If you do n’t think the ceiling is monotonous, and if it ’s a little empty, you may wish to use a track light, which can not only meet the lighting needs, but also make the ceiling look richer and more beautiful. The effect is not bad, this is also a way to try.

In the living room, you can also use floor lamps and other auxiliary lamps to meet the lighting needs. Generally, if you want to read a book in the living room, or just want to be partially bright, you can use a floor lamp in this case, which is convenient and practical. Where you need light and where to shine, you can save trouble.

When it comes to hidden downlights and light strips, it is actually inseparable from the ceiling, but if you want to install hidden downlights, you can like this, install an entire flat ceiling, and then hide the downlights, the effect is still extremely It's simple and elegant. Compared with surface mounted downlights, it's also more beautiful, but the cost is also higher, so it depends on the different options.

2. Suzhou decoration bedroom

This bedroom does not have a suspended ceiling. In terms of lighting, it is a surface mounted downlight, which is paired with a small pendant lamp hanging on both sides of the bed for daily lighting. The combination of different lamps can also serve the lighting needs, and it looks simple and stylish. In addition, the lighting in the bedroom itself does not have to be too bright, and it can be soft and warm, so it is entirely possible not to install the main lamp. The main thing is to see how beautiful and practical the lamp is.

This is a wall lamp, with a table lamp, and with the help of natural light, there are two windows here, so the daylight is excellent, you can use the wall lamp when you need it at night, simple and beautiful, but also warm. You can use table lamps when you need to read books and study at night. Different needs, different lamps, convenient and flexible, save time and trouble, is it super good?

If the lamps are selected, the beauty and value of the living room will be greatly improved. The chandeliers hanging on both sides of the bed are really beautiful. Then there are wall lamps on the wall at the end of the bed and table lamps on the table. These decentralized lamps are all available, and the lighting is not a problem.

Too many people do not have a ceiling in the whole house, and they do n’t have a main light. It ’s a simple personality, trendy and fashionable! Here mainly shows the living room and bedroom, there are other areas, such as dining room, study room, children ’s room, etc., can be used without ceiling Use decentralized lighting instead of the main lamp to make the living room look more fashionable and do not have a sense of depression. I do n’t know everyone. What do you think of this way?

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