Steel lining plastic desulfurization circulating pump energy saving the latest achievements to share

Yixing Zeus Pump Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of corrosion-resistant wear-resistant pumps with more than 30 years of production history and annual sales exceeding 200 million yuan. The main products are: Corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant mortar Pump, filter press pump, desulfurization circulation pump, dilute acid pump, decay resistant pump, decay resistant liquid pump, fluorine alloy pump and desulfurization nozzle, spray gun and other products. Products are widely used in environmental protection, desulfurization, nonferrous metallurgy, sulfuric acid, phosphate fertilizer, non-metallic mineral processing, chemical and other industries, high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu Province, "Zeus" brand in Jiangsu Province famous brand. In recent years, with the domestic environmental protection, energy saving policies to enhance the intensity of energy-efficient products are included in the development of various types of equipment, the most important, our company for engineering plastics desulfurization pump following the sealing performance improvement and then carried out to improve efficiency Of the special studies, and have achieved significant results. Desulfurization pump Market analysis: Now the desulfurization pump material mainly alloy steel, steel lined rubber, steel lined ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene these three materials. These three materials and the characteristics are respectively ① alloy pump: higher efficiency, the highest efficiency of up to 82 ~ 70% of the operation is more stable, but the composition of the alloy is more complex, when the media composition has changed (for example: medium Contains chloride ions) are more prone to pump over-current parts corrosion, and because of the high cost of alloy materials, resulting in high pump prices, but also resulted in maintenance and repair costs rise. Sealed form: the general use of double-sided mechanical seal. Steel lined rubber pump: the efficiency of the existing plastic pump on the market is basically the same as 60 ~ 50%, its performance price is almost the same with the plastic pump, but because of the major components of the flow of parts for the rubber, the use of workers generally not Ultra-high 80 ℃, so in the desulfurization dust positions have been subject to certain restrictions, in the past two-phase alloy pump, engineering plastics pump is not popular when the application is still more extensive, the seal in the form of mechanical seal and packing seal. ③ steel lining UHMWPE plastic pump: the existing market for desulfurization engineering plastic pump posts, the efficiency is generally about 60-50%. The structural characteristics of the pump: steel lined plastic structure, the overall strength of the basic alloy pump, liner pump consistent, because the pump and flow components using steel-lined UHMWPE plastic, so the pump has a high strength , And good corrosion resistance and wear resistance, and because the cost of engineering plastic pump is relatively lower than the alloy pump, so the pump cost significantly lower than the purchase of the alloy pump, in view of my company has been sealed on the improvement, the selection of automatic adjustment End pressure than the self-balance seal, so a comprehensive high cost. Since March 2015, our company has improved the efficiency of desulfurization pumps, improved the plastic molding process, improved the design of product molds and product structure principles, and tested the efficiency of products used by many users to 78-70% , Which is 10-15% higher than that of existing steel-lined ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene desulfurization circulation pumps on the market. This technical innovation can save users a large amount of energy and equipment procurement costs. After the technical transformation of the installation size and the original installation size is basically the same, and has applied for seven patents, if you need to know the details of the technical transformation can contact Mr. Tan,0510-87440001, the improved desulfurization pump due to higher efficiency, Long sealing life, excellent corrosion and wear resistance, low running cost and purchase cost, and can replace the desulfurization pump whose flow rate is below 8000m3 / h on the market. (Author: Yixing City Pump Co., Ltd. Zeus Tan Xiping)

"Iron Crow" high strength fireproof anti-corrosion insulating Mgo roofing sheet is a kind of energy-saving and environmental protect roofing material.  It is made of several natural material, no-asbestos, no- formaldehyde, it is harmless to the environment and people. And it has so many good features like: heat- insulation, sound-insulation,  fireproof,  anti-corrosion, acid & alkali resistant, high strength. And according to the requirements of customers', we have three series : 1) Mgo glazed roofing sheet 2) PET membrane mgo roofing sheet 3) Aluminum  foil roofing sheet. Its installation is very easy, just use drill, nail and saw. It can service for a long time, save much money for our customers. For some special areas of the prone to typhoon it is very popular, because of the high strength of the roofing sheet.

ECO Friendly Roof Sheets           ECO Friendly Roof Sheets           ECO Friendly Roof Sheets

ECO Friendly Roof Sheets                           ECO Friendly Roof Sheets         ECO Friendly Roof Sheets                        ECO Friendly Roof Sheets

Wood Grain MGO Wall Board

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