Sewage Pumps Replace Centrifugal Pumps for Dewatering of Underground Drainage Pipes

Replacement of centrifugal pumps with sewage pumps to solve the problem of underground drainage pipe water, from the price, durability, reliability have been significantly improved. This year, many cities use sewer pumps to manage sewer drainage problems and to ameliorate such problems as sewer blockages caused by the dredging not being done in time in previous years. For the future construction of urban infrastructure provides a new solution. Sewer blockage, often due to the sewage pump is not working in time or due to equipment damage caused. The use of traditional centrifugal pumps, coarse particles of coarse dirt often can not do anything else, many sewers or traditional dry-type sewage equipment, making the sewer water, the crew must be shut down, delayed the drainage time. "In the past, it took only a bit of heavy rain to accumulate water up to 1 meter deep and the underground roads were level," said a nearby police officer who said it is now much easier to divert traffic here. Not only there is no water here, the area streets also underground walls painted, looks very clean. The pump station has a system that controls the operation of the pump, which can be operated both automatically and manually. The duty officer said that every rainy day pumping water once every 2 to 3 minutes per pumping, the water drained into the city drainage main pipeline. "Each pumping station has replaced the past centrifugal pump into a sewage pump." Municipal Engineering Management Office staff said that in the past using centrifugal pumps, plastic bags or disposable chopsticks in the sedimentation tank may block the pipeline, resulting in The pump can not work properly, maintenance is very troublesome. Today, pump pumping stations in all pumping stations are replaced by centrifugal pumps in the past. After the sewage pumps are large, the power of the sewage pumps is large, making it difficult to plug the pipeline even if there are stones in the sedimentation tanks. At present, every underground road is equipped with 2 to 3 sewage pumps. The sewage pump sneaks into the sedimentation tank about 10 meters underground and is very convenient. The use of sewage pumps as a sewage disposal equipment, an effective solution to sewer water problems. For the future future development of municipal construction provides a good solution.

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