Renovation homeowners must know the inspection room notices and details

The inspection of the house is an important part of the house decoration. The matters that should be taken care of when inspecting the house are good for the owner and have no harm. After the inevitable worries, we must take it seriously when we close the house, so as to avoid unnecessary losses. The following small series introduces the matters needing attention and details for the inspection .

First, the roof

1. Inspect the roof for cracks.

2. Check whether the yin and yang corners of the roof and the wall are horizontal lines. If not, use a stucco plaster to lower the water level and then use a waterproof putty to level it.

Second, the wall

1. Check the wall for cracks.

2. Check whether there is empty drum on the wall. If you hit the wall with a small wooden hammer or something, the sound you make when you knock on the empty drum is not true. It is easy to hear it. Make a mark and fill it with putty during the renovation.

3, check the wall putty, whether it is waterproof putty, you can bring bottle of mineral water, splash water on the wall, hand to touch, to see if there is mud, if not proof of the wall of waterproof putty qualified.

Third, the ground

1, check the formation of the ground.

2. Check for cracks and backsuds: Whether sand appears on the ground when the floor is used for ankles. This problem occurs when mortar ratio or cement quality is unqualified and the mixing is uneven.

Fourth, doors and windows

1, check the strength of doors and windows

2, sliding doors and windows smooth, smooth surface smooth, no serious scratches, no cracking or fracture profile.

3, hardware accessories: complete, correct location, strong

4. Sealing quality: When the doors and windows are closed, the fan and the frame have no obvious gap between the fan and the fan. The sealing strip is not loose and does not fall off.

5, door and window frame, fan vertical, not bent

6. The glass is non-pollution, no damage, no dust and moisture in the double glass sandwich, and the separator is even.

7. Whether the window drain hole has been opened. Unopened water will flow into the profile.

V. Waterway

The waterway is mainly reflected in the kitchen and bathroom. The general situation in the bathroom is 2 floor drains, a toilet water pipe, a bathtub water pipe, a sink basin, see if the setting is reasonable, and then according to the needs of their own decoration to decide whether to change, but the specific transformation program To listen to experts' opinions.

The most problematic problem is that many people want to change the toilet's sewers and have gained more space. However, rebuilding the toilet water pipes needs to be reconstructed at the sewer pipe road at the top of the downstairs, which can easily cause a lot of trouble. It is difficult for the owners in the downstairs to agree to make such changes. Therefore, it is not advisable to change them by yourself (using the method of raising the ground is prone to poor drainage). Listen to the opinions of professionals.

Six, circuit

1. Check whether the sockets and switches are set properly. Whether the circuit needs to be remodeled in the decoration. First, look at the individual needs. Second, see if the socket and switch settings in the house are reasonable and convenient to use.

2, check each light switch and power outlet can be used normally, with a mobile phone charger, or electric pen plug to check whether the power outlet power, of course, professionals will use a dedicated socket check.

Seven, gas pipeline

The gas meter is a small thing that occupies space. How to adjust the position of this watch must also listen to the opinions of professionals. It must be transformed by the gas company. It is very important.

Eight, inspection pipeline

The pipe referred to here refers to a drainage/pollution pipe. Utah is a sewage outlet such as a balcony. When it is accepted, take a water-filled appliance in advance and pour water into the outlet. See if the water is flowing smoothly. Why do you want to accept this? Because during construction, some workers often “stolen” this work when cleaning. Put some cement residue into the drain and run away. If the cement is more viscous, it will clog at the elbow and cause drainage difficulties. There is another situation, but it is not related to acceptance. That is to look at whether the sewage pipe has water storage deodorant elbow. According to experience, if the sewage pipe does not contain water and deodorant elbow, then the overall quality of the house will have to hit 12 points. Why do the sewage pipes need such elbows, because the elbows will store water so that the smell from the lower pipes will be blocked under this layer.

Without an elbow, the laundry outlets and toilet drains emit a odor. There may be developers who think that the use of deodorant floor drains will work. The practice of the project proves that deodorant floor drains are far from meeting actual needs. And because of this small place, it is often best to reflect the construction quality of the builders.

Nine, inspection waterproof

The waterproof mentioned here refers to the waterproof of the kitchen and toilet. Of course, some of the houses that are currently delivered have already declared that they have not done waterproofing. This requires renovation. If waterproofing is already done at the time of delivery, we have to verify whether the waterproofing is done well. If you don't try it before the renovation, then if you find something leaking when you finish it, then the maintenance project will be big. You have to remove the floor that has been renovated to make a new waterproof layer. Acceptance of the waterproof method is: use a cement mortar to make a gong to block the toilet door, and then take a plastic bag covering the sewage / outlet, and then tied, and then put the water in the toilet, shallow on the line (greater than 2cm) . Then, about 24 hours after the property and owner downstairs, check if there is any leakage in the ceiling of their home toilet.

Editor's summary: The matters needing attention and details about the home inspection are introduced here. I hope to help everyone. If you want to know more related information, you can pay attention to this website information.

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