Rattan hanging chair which brand rattan chair top ten brands ranking

In the modern decoration, whether it is a petty commercial cafe or a warm home decoration, the cane chairs will appear from time to time. They are unique in shape, elegant and generous. It is also very pleasant to sit on them and enjoy leisurely time. Things. Today, Omido Health Furniture Xiao Bian came to introduce you to the rattan chair, focusing on what the rattan hanging chair brand and the top ten rattan chair brands , ranking in no particular order for reference purposes only.


I believe we all know about the IKEA rattan chair brand. The IKEA rattan chair brand is from Sweden and was founded in 1942. Since its development, the IKEA rattan chair brand has nearly 400 stores in 38 countries around the world, and it has become the world's largest supplier of home furniture. Why is the IKEA rattan chair brand welcomed by so many consumers? Mainly because of their cheap sales, the IKEA rattan chair brand adopts a marketing model of parity sales, which is suitable for the consumption power of middle and high-level consumers, and the products are diversified.


Mr. Hebi rattan hanging chair brand is a brand of Zhongyi Industrial Co., Ltd. The company was established in 1996. After nearly 20 years of rapid development, this rattan hanging chair brand has become a local production, sales and after-sales service. Private Enterprise. The company mainly develops rattan-wood furniture and has 556 national patents. It is a famous rattan chair brand in China . It is worth mentioning that the original design product of this rattan hanging chair brand has been included in textbooks and has become a classic in rattan products.


Vine Palace

The rattan hanging chair brand is the rattan hanging chair brand that Xiaobian finally recommended to everyone. This rattan hanging chair brand was founded in Foshan. Since its establishment, the company has consistently adhered to healthy and environmentally-friendly production processes, and has strictly checked quality while ensuring that consumers are satisfied with their appearance. After more than ten years of ups and downs, Tengwangge has grown into the most popular rattan hanging chair brand in China, and has won the titles of “China's Top 10 Famous Rattan Brands” and “China Green Products”, and is a trustworthy vine for consumers. Hanging chair brand.


Tami Yueteng hanging chair brand is China's largest O2O e-commerce platform - the United States Lele Furniture Network's own brand, Timing Yueteng hanging chair brand mainly produces modern young people in line with modern aesthetics of simple furniture. The rattan hanging chair brand uses pure hand-woven, that is to say, the product you own is the unique rattan hanging chair in the world. In terms of quality, this rattan hanging chair brand uses environmentally friendly PE rattan, which is health-free and pollution-free. Now, Tami Yueteng chair brand has become the spokesperson of the cane hanging chair brand industry.

Xuan Hang

Want a cost-effective rattan chair brand ? Xiao Bian is now introduced to everyone is the most cost-effective Hang Xuan rattan chair brand, this brand of product is very suitable for some leisure clubs to order Oh. Xuan Hang Teng hanging chair brand uses natural vines, this material's surface feels smooth and does not produce allergic reactions, it is also very suitable for children with fragile skin. Xuan Hang Teng chair brand products are back to life, bring consumers to nature, and play a role in releasing pressure.


Tengjia people

Brand introduction: The Fujin people furniture brand is one of the brands under the Foshan Nanhai Hanbang Furniture Co., Ltd. The company integrates design, production and sales, and produces and sells a wide range of products. In addition, Tengjia people's products are all hand-woven rattan furniture, and its materials are imported from Thailand, the finest rattan, its style is leisure, environmental protection, practical, stylish and so on. Product quality is guaranteed and deeply loved by consumers.


Sinosaur was founded in 1965 in Taiwan, China's well-known trademarks, China's environmental logo certification, Shanghai famous brand. The meaning of “Aurora” is the sunrise of the East. The English name “AURORA” is the meaning of the dawn of dawn. Both are symbols of light and hope, representing vitality and vitality. At the beginning of the business, he started with sales of agent clocks and Chinese typewriters, and gradually developed. At present, the business scope covers indoor swing chair, communication, office furniture, office automation equipment system and consumer electronics products.


Meisi is the world's second largest office furniture manufacturer, one of the indoor swing chair brands, the top ten office furniture brands, and the American HNI Group brand. Mesa Furniture recalls more than 100 models of MTS product portfolio and is widely used in more than 3,000,000 square meters of commercial building space. The furniture factory in the United States covers an area of ​​100,00 square meters and is the largest of its kind in the country. The plant is a comprehensive building complex that includes a production plant, a quality testing center, design and development, a warehouse, an administrative center, a training center and a showroom to make the operation of the company more efficient.


Europe and America

Europe and the United States founded in the United States in 1912, the world's leading office furniture brands, indoor swing chair brand, listed companies, global office furniture industry leader. Europe and the United States have nearly 100 years of insight into the services of global leaders. The design of Europe and the United States meets the needs of social, economic and environmental sustainability. As an international listed company, Europe and the United States are leaders in the global office furniture industry and employ more than 13,000 people worldwide.


SUNO SUNON, a well-known trademark in China, a famous trademark in Zhejiang Province, and an inspection-exempt product from the country. Established in Hangzhou in 1991, Zhejiang Shengao Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is an enterprise group integrating office furniture, living furniture, indoor swing hanging chairs and home ownership investment. The total number of employees of the group is now 3,521. The head office of the Group’s headquarters is located in Qianjiang New City, with a total construction area of ​​70,000 square meters and a total production area of ​​400,000 square meters. It is the largest office furniture manufacturer in China.

The above is about the ranking of the top ten brands of rattan hanging chairs . It seems that there are still many brands of rattan hanging chairs . If you particularly like one of the brands, you should do a lot of performance comparisons. I believe that if you want to be in your own home, If you can enjoy the rattan chair, you may need to consider the brands of these chairlifts that Xiaobian has selected for you. I hope that Xiaobian's articles will help you.

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