Radium welding and laser welding in automobiles

The car body is made up of a combination of metal components and coverings. Various prefabricated structural members, such as wind window columns, door columns, door horizontals, front and rear rafters, front and rear panels, top covers, etc., are assembled by welding and riveting. Welding is an indispensable process in the assembly line of automobiles.

Body welding mainly includes resistance welding, seam welding, and carbon dioxide welding. Resistance welding welds the contact surfaces of the parts by the current applied to the spot welding electrodes and then joins them under pressure, mainly for the welding of body components and frames. The welding electrode electrode replaces the spot welding electrode of the resistance welding, the roller electrode transmits the welding current and the pressure, and the rotation thereof coordinates with the movement of the part to produce a continuous weld seam, mainly used for the sealing welding or the seam welding workpiece, such as the fuel tank. . Carbon dioxide welding is a kind of welding method in which arc welding, that is, local heating to melt and join parts without pressing, the arc between the electrode and the workpiece acts as a heat source, while applying carbon dioxide to cover the arc and the melting zone, so that Separated from the atmosphere, mainly used for the welding of body skins.

According to different parts and requirements, a variety of welding techniques are used in the automotive industry, and the welding techniques applied include flash welding, electron beam welding, electric bolt welding, pulse welding, friction welding and the like. In recent years, laser welding has also appeared, and it has developed rapidly. Some of the car bodies produced in China are also welded by laser welding.

Laser technology uses a polarizer to reflect the laser beam to concentrate the beam that produces a large amount of energy in the focusing device. If the focus is close to the workpiece, the workpiece will melt and evaporate within a few milliseconds. This effect can be used in the soldering process. The key to laser welding equipment is high-power lasers. There are two main types, one is solid-state laser, also known as Nd:YAG laser. Nd (钕) is a rare earth element, YAG stands for yttrium aluminum garnet, and its crystal structure is similar to that of ruby. The Nd:YAG laser has a wavelength of 1.06μm. The main advantage is that the generated beam can be transmitted through the optical fiber, thus eliminating the need for a complicated beam delivery system. It is suitable for flexible manufacturing systems or remote processing, and is usually used for workpieces with high welding precision requirements. The automotive industry commonly uses Nd:YAG lasers with an output power of 3-4 kW. The other type is a gas laser, also known as a CO2 laser, which uses a molecular gas as a working medium to produce an infrared laser with an average of 10.6 μm. It can work continuously and output high power. The standard laser power is between 2 and 5 kW.

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Product Description

Product 6063 Aluminum Coil for Bed Plate
Thickness 0.2mm-500mm
Width 200mm-3000mm
Length  As customer's requirements
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2) Low in costs
3) Durable
4) Nice appearance
Applications 1)building construction
2)curtain wall
3) marine construction
4) construction
5)traffic sign
Surface According to customer's requirements
Packing                          Export standard  wooden pallets (as per requirements)    
Payment Terms 30% T/T in advance as deposit,70% balance against the B/L copy or  L/C at sight
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