Process design of boiler dust collector

1. Process system design In order to reduce system resistance and reduce energy consumption, the dust collector adopts first-grade dust collection; the whole machine is generally arranged on the ground level to facilitate installation and maintenance.
2. Selection of working temperature The temperature of flue gas normally working in shaft kiln is generally at the same time and the maximum working temperature of designed dust collector is not greater than when it is greater than °C. The temperature adjustment can be adopted in the method of adding cold air to the air inlet; Road exhausted.
3. Structure Design The dust collector body is a brick-concrete structure. The dust-removal frame does not require additional insulation and can effectively prevent condensation. The wall of the box body generally adopts <thick brick wall, internal and external plastering, the top cover adopts the reinforced concrete rib beam floor cover, and the ring beam buried embedded parts are arranged on the ash bucket, the upper flower board, the lower flower board and the cornice, and the dust is removed. The skeleton is provided with structural columns at the junction of the four corners of the dust collector and the inner and outer walls. The new technology of cold stamping and calendering is adopted in the flower board, which not only increases the strength but also guarantees the equipment manufacturing quality. The thermal expansion factor was taken into consideration in the design and corresponding measures were taken to ensure the safe operation of the equipment in handling high-temperature, high-humidity smoke.
4 filter selection
(1) The glass fiber filter material is a glass fiber woven fabric or non-woven fabric that is chemically treated on the surface. It has a strong ability to collect fine powder and has a high dust removal efficiency. It is suitable for counter-blow bag filter. It is characterized by high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, stable size of dust removal frame, high dust removal efficiency, good dust stripping and low price. This is an ideal high temperature filter material.
(2) EW500-psi glass fiber filter adopts the formula of water repellent, oil repellent, anti-condensation, and utilizes silicone type water repellent to organically unite the properties of hydrophobic, anti-abrasion, anti-folding and anti-corrosion through a specific process.
Analysis of problems of non-compliance of boiler dust collector discharge:

1 The initial layer of the filter bag surface is not enough;
2 filter bag damage;
3 poor filter bag assembly;

Separately described as follows:
The initial layer of the filter bag surface is not enough during the operation of the dust collector. If the discharge exceeds the standard and the operating pressure of the dust collector is lower than designed, it is most likely that the initial powder layer on the surface of the filter bag is insufficient, which may be due to the filter bag of the dust collector. The filtration speed is too high, the cleaning period of the filter bag is too short, the pressure of the compressed air is too high, and the load of the dust is reduced.

Studies have shown that: excessively high filtration rate, dust discharge rate will increase, excessive filtration rate, will break the initial dust layer, and dust impact filter bag and cause excessive wear, if the number of times to clean the filter bag is too high It is very easy to loosen the fabric of the filter bag, which will cause the filter to discharge excessively.

When setting the period of pulse cleaning of the dust remover, it is possible to ensure that the dust remover works under a stable pressure, the longest time of the set pulse cleaning cycle is good, and the pulse cleaning time can ensure that the initial dust does not fall off, and the set time The shortest cleaning time is good. If the initial dust layer is insufficient, the extended cleaning cycle can be used to compensate. If the pressure difference control is used, the stability of the dust collector inlet and outlet pressure settings can be improved.
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