Omido Introduces Omido Furniture Collocation Principle

A lot of furniture brands, but there is a brand you must have seen when visiting the furniture city, that is, Omido furniture, Omido furniture is the most open in the country's branch of the furniture brand, so when you visit the furniture city will certainly See, if you bought Omidy furniture do you know how to match it? Let Omido Furniture Xiaobian teach you how to teach it.


Omido furniture brand introduction

Suzhou Lumu Yuehua Furniture Factory (Omido) is a modern large-scale furniture enterprise specializing in the design, production and sales of healthy furniture. Since the establishment of the company, we have devoted ourselves to fostering children into a fashion, advocating a green and healthy home concept and working hard for human health. Omido's "Ke Lan" and "AMD" series inherited the Italian classic and fashionable soft home art style, combined with the Chinese five thousand years of health culture, based on the "unity, pragmatic, efficient and innovative" The spirit of enterprise and the concept of "achieve customers, achieve business, achieve self", go all out, and promise to achieve ---- global health advocates.

Omido furniture honor introduction

The 2011 Omido Health Furniture won four grand prizes in the fifth annual China furniture industry overall rankings:

(1) Omido was awarded "Top Ten Soft Furniture Brand".

(2) Omido won the "China Furniture Bestselling Sofa Brand".

(3) Omido won the “2011 China Furniture Industry Trustworthy Enterprise Award”.

(4) Omido won the "2011 most competitive brand in China's furniture industry."

2012 Omido Health Furniture won two awards in the 6th China Furniture Industry Annual General List:

(1) Omido was awarded the “Top Ten Furniture Brand of Chinese Furniture in 2012”.

(2) Omido was awarded "2012 China Top Ten Original Furniture Brands."


Omido furniture with the principle

The size of the Omido furniture to be purchased should match the size of the space it is placed in. For example, the height of the baseboard, the thickness of the door frame, and the height of the floor in the space will affect the effect of the furniture placed inside, but the furniture Exhibition halls are generally not the same as the actual space in the home in these dimensions. When choosing furniture, we must pay attention to observation. Many people buy furniture, look good in the exhibition hall, but the home is particularly awkward because there is no attention to the difference in space size. Omido furniture needs to be reserved for a bit of space when it comes to collocation. The immediate advantage is that there is room for placement, and if you are bored with the day or you want to update the patterns and styles, there is room for you. Replace it.

The above is about the Omido furniture mix and Omido brand related presentations, more about the Omido furniture knowledge, please pay attention to the GO furniture information channel.

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