Nobel tiles tell you that it is better not to make beautiful seams in these three situations

Is Nobel tile good for making beautiful seams? Master: It ’s best not to do these three situations, there are too many disadvantages

Now we all pay more attention to the decoration of details, just like many people like to make beautiful seams when laying tiles. Not only can it beautify the tiles and make our paving effect more perfect, but also the seam agent can prevent mold and water, and can also play a certain role in protecting the tiles. However, there may be some doubts about friends with less decoration experience. Although there are many benefits of beautiful seams, is it really good for ceramic tiles to make beautiful seams? Is it really necessary? The teacher said that it is best not to do these three situations. There are too many disadvantages and it is easy to produce arches.

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1. Brick problem

Because the stuff like beauty sealant has a certain degree of adhesion, we must consider the later cleaning work before we officially start the construction. For matte tiles, such as antique tiles or some matte wooden floors, these materials are not easy to clean due to the rough surface. This will not only beautify but will reduce the overall decorative effect.

2. The gap problem Generally, we need to leave a certain gap when laying tiles. For tiles intended to be beautifully stitched later, there are certain requirements for the reserved gaps. Normally, it should be no less than about 2 mm, so that it is conducive to later construction and the effect will be better. However, if the gap is too small, it will not only affect the beautiful joint but also affect the expansion of the tile after the joint is filled, but it will appear to be arched.

3. The size of the brick body Although the smaller brick body will make the space appear larger, but if the tile size is too small, then the gap will increase. This will not only increase the cost of US sewing, but also increase the difficulty of construction, which is easy to produce undesirable effects.

The teacher said that in addition to the above situations are not suitable for beautiful sewing, we must pay attention to some problems when doing normal sewing. Otherwise, the finished effect will not be too ideal, or even fall off.

â–  Cleaning work Before the glue is officially applied, we must clean up the gaps on the surface of the tiles to ensure that there are no impurities and dust on the tiles. In this way, the glue and the ceramic tile can be connected more firmly, and the phenomenon of falling off is not easy to occur.

â–  Preparation After cleaning the tiles, it is best to use masking paper and brick wax to do some treatment around the tiles. In this way, the later cleaning will be very easy, and the effect of the beautiful seam is better.

â–  When applying glue, you should not only construct in a gentle manner, but also pay attention to a problem. It is best not to use the section at the beginning of each tube of glue. Because there will be some sealant at the beginning of the hose, these white colloids often do not beautify the tiles, but will affect the quality of the beautiful seams. Therefore, it is best to squeeze out the first part of the glue gun before we apply the glue, and then formally apply it. The above content is provided by Nobel tiles . Choose Nobel tiles when buying tiles !

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