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1. Ministry of Environmental Protection: Incorporating “Prohibition of Foreign Garbage Entry” into the Inspector to form a high-pressure situation; CNPC’s excessive discharge of the standard was fined and was sentenced to nearly 10 million treatment fees. 2. Filipino media: China will provide the Philippines with a loan of US$7.34 billion. Aid 3. Zimbabwe: The military took over, one of the world’s longest rulers, the 93-year-old Zimbabwean President Mugabe, who changed from the heroic leader of the African National Independent Liberation Movement to a dictator, was placed under house arrest; the Chinese Embassy in Zimbabwe issued a security reminder: As far as possible to avoid going out 4, vocational education: Lanxiang technical school will be converted into "Shandong Lanxiang Technician College" has been approved 5, culture: Australian people voted on the "same-sex marriage" topic majority support 6, energy: today's oil price will meet the largest in the year The increase is 40 yuan more than a box of oil in July. 7. Communication: The accelerated loss of cable digital TV users: Q3 net reduction of 5.57 million households 8. Real estate: "Chengdu real estate development 5 years plan" released 1.606 million sets of new housing Wuhan housing rental policy introduced: eligible living rooms can also be rented; 15 hot cities prices fall back to Beijing to change rooms The main emergency sales of old houses 9, Xinhua News Agency: the victory of the national football, Japan, South Korea and South Korea football real strength is amazing; Australia promoted the Asian football history AFC for the first time 5 teams in the World Cup; Wu Lei was defeated by the U23 demon star nominated Asian football, but iron Run 10, the weather: the strongest cold air in the second half of the year will hit the cold wave in the north and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. In fact, in the face of the family, communication is not a good method in many cases. The good lies may make your father and mother very happy. There is no need to say that you eat soy sauce every day. There is no need to say that you are sleeping next to the bank's ATM machine. Every call, report a peace, happy parents say that you are doing very well. After all, you are two generations, misunderstandings can be eliminated through communication, and the generation gap is difficult to be overcome. So, when you are muddy, grab a few sunny days and take the sunshine and mail it to your parents. Take them directly when you are in the sky. Transparent and opaque, grasp it, let your father safely go fishing, let your mom happy to go to the sweater. Note: This newsletter is jointly edited by Yuanfa [China Superhard Materials Network] [China Abrasives Network] [China Coated Abrasives Network]

According to the degree of processing and refining, it can be divided into three types: Fully Refined paraffin, semi-refined paraffin and crude paraffin.

Crude Paraffin Wax has a higher oil content and is mainly used for making matches, fiberboard, tarpaulin, etc. Fully refined paraffin and semi-refined paraffin are widely used, mainly used as components and packaging materials for food, oral medicine and certain commodities (such as wax paper, crayons, candles, carbon paper), coating materials for baking containers, used for fruit preservation , Insulation of electrical components, improve rubber aging resistance and increase flexibility, etc.

Paraffin Wax

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