March 10, 2017 Scotch Pine Price Quotes

China board trading network news:

As the prices of wood continue to increase in all regions, prices of coniferous logs from Manzhouli, Erenhot, and Suifenhe also rose. At present, the larger base price of logs for these three ports starts at 700 yuan/m3 (market sales price is base price plus or minus diameter, plus additional price), which is 200 yuan/cubic meter higher than that in 2016. . At present, Pinus sylvestris in Manchuria is 20cm in diameter (including 20cm in diameter), 4/6m in length is reported at 1020-1060 RMB/m3, diameter is less than 30cm (including 30cm), and length is 4/6m is reported at 1320-1470 RMB/m3, and the diameter is more than 30cm. 4/6m long report 1350-1500 yuan / cubic meter. Suifenhe Pinus sylvestris diameter 20cm (including 20cm), length 4/6m reported 1200-1280 yuan / cubic meter, diameter 30cm or less (including 30cm), length 4/6m reported 1350-1480 yuan / cubic meter, diameter more than 30cm, long 4/6m reported 1350-1550 yuan/cubic meter. Erenhot Pinus sylvestris diameter 40cm, length 6m reported 1230-1400 yuan / cubic meter.

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