Langfang City 2017-2018 heating season discontinued enterprises, limited production enterprises announced! 262 companies are 100% suspended, and 187 are under 50% limited production!

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Source prevention and treatment of iron wrist

Obey the overall situation, winter defense will win

The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out that "they adhere to the rule of the whole people, prevent and control the source, continue to implement air pollution prevention and control actions, and win the battle against the blue sky." Winning the blue sky defense war not only reflects the firm determination of the party Central Committee to control air pollution, but also A solemn commitment to the people. The people's longing for a better life is our goal. In order to control air pollution and improve environmental quality, in September 2013, the “Atmosphere Ten” was released, and the blue sky defense war was launched. In the past few years, from the adjustment of industrial structure to the replacement of clean energy, from the elimination of old vehicles to the “disinfection” of the cofferdam, the air pollution control has been speeding up, and the effectiveness of governance has gradually emerged, so that the people can see the hope of the blue sky reappearing. In the winter, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the provincial government clearly requested some industrial enterprises in our city to implement peak production from November 15, 2017 to March 15, 2018. The original 492 enterprises in the Langfang City heating season production peak, according to the relevant requirements of the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology in accordance with the letter from the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology on the implementation of the "2017-2018 heating season industrial enterprises peak production and transportation implementation plan" Re-examine the enterprises that need the peak production in our city, remove 50 enterprises that are not in the production range of the peak, and add 7 industrial enterprises that meet the requirements of peak production, and finally determine the fault-producing enterprises in the city. 449 homes. (The list of the peak production enterprises of the industrial enterprises in the heating season that were previously released is inconsistent with the 449 published this time)

The source of the disease to ensure public health interests, enterprises must unconditionally obey the overall situation, and do their part in accordance with the law. However, from the start of the last round of emergency response, some units in the city and related work lead units have not done their due diligence, and some enterprises have not really stopped the real limit. In particular, some enterprises have stopped paying production and have not been in place as required, some construction sites have violated laws and regulations, and the implementation of earthwork operations and the use of large vehicles, open burning operations have not been strictly controlled, and some problems of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the provincial government have long been delayed. Can't be rectified in place. In this regard, the Municipal Atmospheric Office has given serious notices and interviews and accountable for some lead units and specific work leaders.

"To fight the blue sky to defend the war", we must pay attention to every step in the battle, to ensure that we are step by step, and solidly advance; "win the blue sky to defend the war", we value the results of this battle, we must all the people, go all out, It is difficult to overcome difficulties and ensure the success of the people and enjoy the blue sky.

The blue sky defends the war for the people and the people. Defending the battle of the blue sky may affect local interests and personal interests. It requires the public to make some "green" changes. It also needs the support of enterprises and the whole society for the production of peaks and emergency production, "together, fight together," The whole people will rule together, crack down on environmental crimes and let the blue sky stay.

Langfang City 2017-2018 heating season peak production enterprises list

(449 in total)

I. List of 100% discontinued enterprises (262 in total)

(1) Sanhe City (3)

1 Meikaihua Furniture Factory

2 Zhonghao Ruifeng Furniture Factory

3 Sanhe Jiaxing Wood Industry Co., Ltd.

(2) Yongqing County (62)

4 Langfang Gaobo Jingbang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

5 Yongqing Huamao Biological Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

6 Yongqing County Zhenhai Plastic Product Factory

7 Yongqing County Liujie Hongwei Plastic Granulation Factory

8 Yongqing County Yihao Gold & Plastic Co., Ltd.

9 Yongqing County Liujie Yongjun Plastic Processing Factory

10 Yongqing County Henglong Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.

11 Yongqing County Dehua Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

12 Yongqing County Liujie Zhuoyuan Rubber & Plastic Products Factory

13 Yongqing County Runmei Plastic Factory

14 Langfang Plastic Co., Ltd.

15 Langfang Dahao Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.

16 Langfang Jingzhao Plastic Co., Ltd.

17 Langfang Dehua Gold Fluorine Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

18 Yongqing County Liujie Zhihe Plastic Granulation Factory

19 Langfang Lufeng Plastic Technology Co., Ltd.

20 Yongqing County Jinquan Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

21 Yongqing County Shenwei Plastic Product Factory

22 Yongqing County Baixin Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

23 Langfang Gongxing Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

24 Yongqing County Yulong Rubber & Plastic Hardware Co., Ltd.

25 Yongqing County Liujie Yuda Plastic Factory

26 Yongqing County Liujie Zewei Hardware Products Factory

27 Yongqing County Hongxiang Plastic Product Factory

28 Yongqing County Liujie Yuxiang Plastic Factory

29 Yongqing County Liujie Xianghong Plastic Factory

30 Yongqing County Liujie Jinrui Plastic Factory

31 Yongqing Kangda Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd.

32 Yongqing County Liujie Xinyuan Plastic Factory

33 Langfang Hejie Plastic Technology Co., Ltd.

34 Yongqing County Liujie Fenglai Plastic Granulation Factory

35 Yongqing County Jintu Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd.

36 Yongqing County Yuding Plastic Co., Ltd.

37 Yongqing County Likuo Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

38 Yongqing County Liujie Chenhao Plastic Factory

39 Langfang Dashu Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.

40 Yongqing County Shangyuan Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.

41 Yongqing County Tengyuan Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

42 Yongqing County Xincheng Plastic Co., Ltd.

43 Yongqing County Liujie Jinguan Plastic Processing Factory

44 Yongqing County Liujie Kaiyun Plastic Co., Ltd.

45 Yongqing County Liujie Deying Plastic Hardware Products Factory

46 Yongqing County Liujie Jinlian Plastic Processing Factory

47 Yongqing County Xingkai Plastic Co., Ltd.

48 Langfang Plastic Energy Plastic Technology Co., Ltd.

49 Yongqing County Liujie Yudong Plastic Granulation Factory

50 Langfang Yuhui Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. (First Factory)

51 Langfang Yuhui Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. (Second Factory)

52 Yongqing County Brayui Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

53 Yongqing County Tongshun Plastic Co., Ltd.

54 Yongqing County Liujie Zhengxing Plastic Product Factory

55 Yongqing County Liujie Zexing Plastic Factory

56 Yongqing County Liujie Qianglei Plastic Factory

57 Yongqing County Liujie Kailu Plastic Hardware Factory

58 Yongqing County Liujie Zhihu Plastic Factory

59 Yongqing County Fresh Waste Materials Recycling Co., Ltd.

60 Yongqing County Juncheng Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.

61 Yongqing County Songjie Plastic Processing Factory

62 Yongqing County Ruixuan Plastic Co., Ltd.

63 Yongqing County Yuanda Gold Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

64 Yongqing County Tenghui Hardware Rubber & Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

65 Langfang Feizhong Materials Co., Ltd.

(3) Gu'an County (3)

66 Gu'an Shiqiao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

67 Hebei Rongwei Biological Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

68 Langfang Yidean Chemical Co., Ltd.

(4) Bazhou City (5)

69 Bazhou Hengtai Keya Plastic Co., Ltd.

70 Bazhou Bazhou Town Duoneng Cable Granule Factory

71 Bazhou Bazhou Town Zhongxing Wire Factory

72 Bazhou Bazhou Town Aoguang Plastic Product Factory

73 Bazhou Jianchapu Minle Plastic Factory

(5) Wen'an County (166)

74 Wen'an Mingkang Taorui Plastic Factory

75 Wen'an Shisheng Plastic Factory

76 Hebei Jinlongying Plastic Technology

77 Wen'an Anbei Plastic Product Factory

78 Wen'an Jiejie Cable Material Factory

79 Wen'an Runshuo Plastic Product Factory

80 Wen'an Shanhua Plastic Product Factory

81 Wen'an Fuwei Plastic Processing Factory

82 Wen'an Zewang Plastic Product Factory

83 Wen'an Hongkang Plastic Product Factory

84 Langfang Yachuan Cable Material Co., Ltd.

85 Wen'an County Zhongyu Plastic Product Factory

86 Wen'an Shengmai Plastic Factory

87 Wen'an Hengzhi Plastic Factory

88 Wen'an Dejian Plastic Product Factory

89 Langfang Chunyu Water Saving Technology Co., Ltd.

90 Wen'an County Youwei Plastic Granulation Factory

91 Wen'an County Kaixinyuan Renewable Resources Co., Ltd.

92 Wen'an Aidesen Renewable Resources Co., Ltd.

93 "Wen'an Tianheng Renewable Resources Co., Ltd."

94 Wen'an Jingjing Plastic Factory

95 Wen'an Yongli Plastic Product Factory

96 Wen'an Ruixue Plastic Product Factory

97 Wen'an Siquan Plastic Product Factory

98 Wenxian County Jiagui Plastic Wire Drawing Factory

99 Wen'an Plastic Plastic Products Factory

100 Wen'an County Anshou Plastic Products Factory

101 month clear wire drawing factory

102 sheet five wire drawing factory

103 Zhangsi Plastic Products Factory

104 Wen'an Hengsheng Plastic Wire Drawing Factory

105 Wen'an Siqiao Plastic Product Factory

106 Langfang Baokun Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

107 Wen'an Xinghai Wire Drawing Factory

108 Wen'an County Heavy Yue Plastic Products Factory

109 Wen'an Jingren Plastic Product Factory

110 Langfang Jiasong Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

111 Wen'an Liyang Plastic Product Factory

112 Wen'an Daxue Plastic Products Factory

113 Wen'an Qijia Plastic Product Factory

114 Wen'an County Dr. Plastic Products Factory

115 Wen'an Keguang Plastic Product Factory

116 Langfang Xiangyu Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

117 Wen'an Zhangce Plastic Products Factory

118 Wen'an Hongyu Plastic Product Factory

119 Hebei Yejia Plastic Product Factory

120 Wen'an Xiangzhen Plastic Factory

121 Chenxiang Plastic Products Factory

122 a standard plastic products factory

123 Wen'an Yueliang Plastic Product Factory

124 Wen'an now Daliu Town Yueyue Plastic Product Factory

125 Yongsheng Plastic Products Factory

126 Wen'an Fengfa Plastic Processing Factory

127 Wen'an Rijin Plastic Factory

128 Wen'an Dachang Plastic Product Factory

129 Wen'an County Shengsheng Plastic Granulation Factory

130 Wen'an County Bocheng Plastic Granulation Factory

131 Wen'an Jiaxing Plastic Processing Factory

132 Wen'an County Chuangli Plastic Product Factory

133 Wen'an Zhihong Plastic Processing Factory

134 Wen'an Xuefeng Plastic Factory

135 Hebei Hengbai Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

136 Wen'an County Yida Plastic Factory

137 Wen'an Weiling Plastic Product Factory

138 Wen'an County Jiuyuan Plastic Product Factory

139 Wen'an Huaguang Plastic Factory

140 Wen'an Xukang Plastic Granulation Factory

141 Wen'an Quanshui Plastic Products Factory

142 Wen'an Senfa Plastic Product Factory

143 Wen'an Jinlaida Plastic Product Factory

144 Wen'an Menghao Plastic Granulation Factory

145 Wen'an Hongfei Plastic Factory

146 Wen'an Wenjie Plastic Factory

147 Wen'an Huayuan Plastic Granule Co., Ltd.

148 Wen'an County Gongle Plastic Product Factory

149 Wen'an County Guangneng Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

150 Wen'an County Jiejie Plastic Product Factory

151 Wen'an Dongpu Plastic Product Factory

152 Wen'an Feiyuan Plastic Factory

153 Wen'an Dabao Great Wall Plastic Factory

154 Wen'an County Chuanyong Plastic Product Factory

155 Wen'an Changlong Plastic Factory

156 Wen'an Changan Plastic Processing Sales Co., Ltd.

157 Wen'an Weiping Plastic Factory

158 Wen'an Xianxu Plastic Factory

159 Wen'an Yuzhong Plastic Granulation Factory

160 Wen'an Maike Plastic Factory

161 Langfang Yunuo Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

162 Langfang Maiente Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

163 Wen'an Ruiyang Plastic Factory

164 Wen'an Liheng Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

165 Wen'an Libin Plastic Granulation Factory

166 Wen'an County Yuhong Plastic Product Factory

167 Hebei Jianxiong Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

168 Wen'an Shuangxiong Plastic Product Factory

169 Wen'an Xinshun Plastic Factory

170 Langfang Yingchen Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

171 Wen'an Haidu Plastic Factory

172 Wen'an Xingchen Plastic Factory

173 Wen'an Runsen Plastic Granulation Factory

174 Wen'an County Group Bing Plastic Granulation Factory

175 Wen'an Leishuo Hardware & Plastic Products Factory

176 Wen'an Daxi Plastic Granulation Factory

177 Wen'an County Longhaidi Plastic Granulation Factory

178 Wen'an Xiaogou Plastic Granulation Factory

179 Wen'an Dongpu Plastic Granulation Factory

180 Wen'an County Zengyuan Plastic Product Factory

181 Wen'an Yuanfeng Plastic Factory

182 Wen'an Liusong Plastic Granulation Factory

183 Wen'an Yonggang Plastic Granulation Factory

184 Wen'an Leijia Plastic Granulation Factory

185 Wen'an Xueling Plastic Granulation Factory

186 Wen'an County Qukai Plastic Granulation Factory

187 Wen'an County Sea Plastic Wire Drawing Factory

188 Langfang Plastic Xin Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

189 Wen'an Xinyi Plastic Product Factory

190 Wen'an Zhangdong Plastic Factory

191 Wen'an County Qianjin Plastic Factory

192 Wen'an Xinzhengxing Plastic Factory

193 Wen'an Chengxiang Plastic Factory

194 Langfang Huawo Plastic Technology Co., Ltd.

195 Wen'an Xingyuan Plastic Industry Co., Ltd.

196 Hebei Feida Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

197 Wen'an Shengqi Plastic Wire Drawing Factory

198 Wen'an Qingmu Plastic Product Factory

199 Wen'an County New Plastic Products Factory

200 Wen'an Yongli Plastic Barrel Factory

201 Wen'an Sanli Plastic Product Factory

202 Langfang Xinyu Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

203 Wen'an Dongchen Plastic Product Factory

204 Wen'an Minzhi Plastic Factory

205 Wen'an Ruidi Plastic Barrel Factory

206 Wen'an Keli Plastic Factory

207 Wen'an Anchang Plastic Product Factory

208 Wen'an Yuhang Plastic Granulation Factory

209 Wen'an Xingbao Plastic Granulation Factory

210 Wen'an Ruihua Plastic Factory

211 Wen'an Bozhi Hardware Plastic Product Factory

212 Wen'an Yongchun Plastic Product Factory

213 Wen'an Dengbin Plastic Granulation Factory

214 Wen'an Xinwei Plastic Factory

215 Wen'an County Century Shenghua Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

216 Wen'an Sanguo Plastic Product Factory

217 Wen'an Yangxia Plastic Factory

218 Wen'an Plastic Plastic Products Factory

219 Wen'an Huacheng Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

220 Wen'an Weibo Plastic Granulation Processing Factory

221 Wen'an Yincun Shaotian Nylon Processing Factory

222 Wen'an Zhengjie Plastic Granulation Factory

223 Wen'an Yifei Plastic Factory

224 Wen'an County Zhicheng Plastic Product Factory

225 Wen'an Wanxing Plastic Product Factory

226 Wen'an Jiantong Plastic Factory

227 Wen'an County Yuran Plastic Products Factory

228 Hebei Shichang Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

229 Wen'an Liheng Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

230 Langfang Rui'an Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

231 Wen'an Shuangkai Plastic Factory

232 Wen'an County Bright Plastic Factory

233 Wen'an Shengda Plastic Factory

234 Wen'an Xinweiye Plastic Processing Factory

235 Wen'an County Zhanfa Plastic Factory

236 Wen'an Ruite Wire and Cable Material Factory

237 Hebei Langfang City Ou Zi Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

238 Hebei Langfang Tianwei Daily Chemical Co., Ltd.

239 Langfang Hetian Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

(6) Dacheng County (23)

240 Langfang Haoyuan Insulation Materials Co., Ltd.

241 Fidelity Rockwool

242 Sail Rockwool

243 Ango rock wool

244 Zhengfeng Rockwool

245 Hebei Huaneng Zhongtian Chemical Building Materials Group Co., Ltd.

246 Hebei Huagas Sealing Material Co., Ltd.

247 Langfang Howard

248 Langfang Xiangda

249 Dacheng County Honghai Thermal Insulation Material Co., Ltd.

250 Dacheng County Wangxin Thermal Insulation Material Co., Ltd.

251 Dacheng County Huachen Thermal Insulation Material Co., Ltd.

252 Langfang HVAC Rockwool Products Co., Ltd.

253 Dacheng County Chang'ao Thermal Insulation Material Factory

254 Langfang Xingta Rock Cotton Products Co., Ltd.

255 Langfang Sanli Thermal Insulation Materials Co., Ltd.

256 Dacheng County Chunguang Thermal Insulation Material Factory

257 Hebei Yili Glass Wool Products Co., Ltd.

258 Langfang Science and Engineering Insulation Materials Co., Ltd.

259 Hebei Dingtai Lanxing Chemical Building Material Co., Ltd.

260 Langfang Flos Heat Insulation Material Factory

261 Langfang Lewanjia United Jiahua Co., Ltd.

262 Langfang Qiangsheng Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.

2. List of enterprises with limited production below 50% (including) (a total of 187)

(1) Sanhe City (6)

263 Zhongzhi Innovation Precious Metal Co., Ltd.

264 Sanhe Laijin Coating Engineering Co., Ltd.

265 Risheng Machinery Casting Co., Ltd.

266 Hebei Yanxin Building Materials Group Co., Ltd.

267 Sanhe Peace Aluminum Co., Ltd.

268 Yongguang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

(2) Dachang County (4)

269 ​​Dachang County Rainbow Printing Co., Ltd.

270 Beijing Jinshengmei Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Dachang Branch

271 Hebei Bailingwei Super Fine Materials Co., Ltd.

272 Yunda Metal Structure Factory

(3) Xianghe County (51)

273 Xianghe County Zhuoyi Aluminum Co., Ltd.

274"Xianghe Guofu Furniture Co., Ltd."

275 Xianghe Longhesheng Classical Furniture Factory

276" Xianghe Tianyige Classical Furniture Factory"

277 Xianghe Tianlin Jingtai Furniture Factory

278"Xianghe Luoyiwei Furniture Co., Ltd."

279 Xianghe Huasheng Furniture Factory

280"Xianghe County Hongsen Furniture Co., Ltd."

281 Xianghe County Zhengnan Furniture Factory

282 Xianghe County Yujiaolong Furniture Co., Ltd.

283" Langfang Berlin Sanyou Furniture Co., Ltd."

284"Hebei Shuangye Furniture Co., Ltd."

285"Xianghe Hongdingxuan Furniture Co., Ltd."

286" Kaiwei (Langfang) Furniture Co., Ltd."

287 Xianghe County Xinhexun Furniture Factory

288 Xianghe County Kaineng Furniture Factory

289 Xianghe County Qingda Furniture Factory

290"Xianghe County Pengyu Furniture Co., Ltd."

291"Xianghe Huihai Solid Wood Furniture Co., Ltd."

292 Xianghe County Jinjiao Furniture Factory

293 Xianghe County Xinliangyou Furniture Factory

294 Xianghe County Jingyuda Furniture Factory

295"Xianghe County Shengkaihua Office Furniture Factory"

296 Xianghe Xin Jiayi Furniture Factory

297 Xianghe County Jianmin Lixin Furniture Factory

298 Xianghe County Pastoral Wood Furniture Factory

299 Xianghe County Yuanrui Furniture Factory

300"Xianghe County Clamping Jiazhuang Lihua Furniture Factory"

301" Xianghe County Yimei Lijia Furniture Co., Ltd."

302"Xianghe County Clamping Hongyue Qumu Furniture Factory"

303 Xianghe County Xinjintai Furniture Factory

304 Xianghe County Lanhai Wood Processing Factory

305 Xianghe County Shunhang Furniture Factory

306 Xianghe County Auchan Furniture Factory

307 Xianghe County Yiwei Furniture Factory

308 Xianghe County Yuda Dining Table & Chair Factory

309 Xianghe County Zhuowang Furniture Factory

310 Xianghe County Fuyuntong Furniture Factory

311"Xianghe County Ouya Furniture Crafts Factory"

312 Xianghe County Guangye Furniture Factory

313 "Hebei Hengda Furniture Co., Ltd."

314 Xianghe County Xingyang Furniture Factory

315 Xianghe County Modo Furniture Factory

316"Xianghe County Huijing Furniture Co., Ltd."

317 Xianghe County Oule Furniture Factory

318 Xianghe County Zhaoshi Jinlong Furniture Factory

319" Xianghe Zichengxuan Furniture Co., Ltd."

320"Xianghe County Jinxinyuan Furniture Manufacturing Factory"

321"Hebei Beijing Yunyun Furniture Co., Ltd."

322"Xianghe Ancient Rhyme Xinxin Furniture Co., Ltd."

323 Xianghe County Yaxinju Furniture Factory

(4) Langfang Development Zone (12)

324 Langfang Zhongke Yuandi Chemical Anticorrosion Technology Co., Ltd.

325 Walwag Coatings (Langfang) Co., Ltd.

326 Langfang Bihaizhou Coating Co., Ltd.

327 Langfang Libang Coating Co., Ltd.

328 Nippon Paint (Hebei) Co., Ltd.

329 Zhongyouke New Chemical Co., Ltd.

330 Langfang Aipu Packing Co., Ltd.

331 Langfang Zhongben Packing Co., Ltd.

332 Langfang Huaming Color Printing Co., Ltd.

333 Langfang Huade Metal Packaging Container Co., Ltd.

334 Shanghai Guoma Trademark Labeling System Co., Ltd. Langfang Branch

335 Sinopharm Group Industrial Co., Ltd. Langfang Branch

(5) Guangyang District (6)

336 Langfang Great Wall Chemical Co., Ltd.

337 Langfang Fuda Pipe Fittings Co., Ltd.

338 Langfang Senjie Equipment Co., Ltd.

339 Langfang Taiming Metal Coating Material Co., Ltd.

340 Langfang Huasheng Coating Co., Ltd.

341 Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Plant Protection Institute Langfang Pesticide Pilot Plant

(6) Anci District (9)

342 Langfang City Haoyuan Metal Products Co., Ltd.

343 Siguo Chemical Research (Langfang) Co., Ltd.

344 ASIMCO Meilian (Langfang) Brake System Co., Ltd. (Foundry Workshop)

345 Langfang City Anci District Yufeng Foundry

346 Langfang Tianbao Mining Machinery Parts Co., Ltd.

347 Langfang City Anci District Xingda Mining Machinery Parts Factory

348 Langfang City Anci District Xinfa Metal Products Co., Ltd.

349 Langfang Datang Wood Industry Co., Ltd.

350 East Yisheng Furniture Co., Ltd.

(7) Yongqing County (8)

351 Langfang Yaqilong Furniture Co., Ltd.

352 Langfang Minglun Furniture Co., Ltd.

353 Yongqing County Jindun Door Industry Co., Ltd.

354 Langfang Borui Furniture Co., Ltd.

355 Yongqing Yushengya Offset Printing Co., Ltd.

356 Hebei Zhenglang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

357 Yongqing Wei Da Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

358 Kanglong Huacheng (Tianjin) Pharmaceutical Preparation Technology Co., Ltd. Langfang Branch

(8) Gu'an County (6)

359 Gu'an County Zhucheng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

360 Gu'an Longqiang Packing Co., Ltd.

361 Gu'an Dacheng Excellence Chemical Co., Ltd.

362 Langfang Shengtang Xinte Chemical Co., Ltd.

363 Gu'an County Beihua Hengye Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd.

364 Gu'an Zhongcai Printing Co., Ltd.

(9) Bazhou City (57)

365 Bazhou Weiwei Wood Industry Co., Ltd.

366 Bazhou Hengyi Chemical Co., Ltd.

367 Bazhou Meinuo Coating Co., Ltd.

368 Bazhou Kunyu Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

369 Bazhou Huiteng Color Printing Packing Co., Ltd.

370 Bazhou Yuda Metal Surface Treatment Co., Ltd.

371 Bazhou Xinzhang Xing Shunda Furniture Factory

372 Hebei Lixin Furniture Co., Ltd.

373 Bazhou Huasheng Furniture Co., Ltd.

374 Bazhou Yuanfeng Furniture Co., Ltd.

375 Bazhou Hetai Furniture Co., Ltd.

376 Bazhou Xinzhangsen Maoyuan Furniture Factory

377 Bazhou Xinzhang Jinshun Furniture Factory

378 Bazhou Xinzhang Huacheng Furniture Factory

379 Bazhou Xinsong Furniture Co., Ltd.

380 Bazhou Xinzhang Mingsheng Furniture Factory

381 Bazhou Xinzhang Jinshida Furniture Factory

382 Bazhou Sanqiang Furniture Co., Ltd.

383 Langfang Gome Aluminum Co., Ltd.

384 Bazhou Shengfang United Chemical Co., Ltd.

385 Bazhou Hongda Furniture Co., Ltd.

386 Bazhou Xinzhang Quangen Furniture Factory

387 Bazhou Xinzhang Ou Dian Furniture Factory

388 Bazhou Mingyue Auto Parts Factory

389 Bazhou Ruiyuan Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd.

390 Bazhou Xingguang Furniture Co., Ltd.

391 Bazhou Borui Furniture Co., Ltd.

392 Bazhou Hongda Furniture Co., Ltd.

393 Langfang Xinshangcai Furniture Co., Ltd.

394 Langfang Jinhao Glass Co., Ltd.

395 Bazhou Shengfang Town Bazhen Furniture Factory

396 Bazhou Shengfang Town Saiqimei Furniture Factory

397 Langfang Shenggao Sporting Goods Co., Ltd.

398 Bazhou Shengfang Town Congyang Furniture Factory

399 Bazhou East Section New Domain High Exhibition Co., Ltd.

400 Bazhou Shengfang Zhen Ruixing Furniture Co., Ltd.

401 Bazhou Hualuqi Furniture Co., Ltd.

402 Bazhou Jingjing Exhibition Props Co., Ltd.

403 Bazhou Aimin Furniture Co., Ltd.

404 Bazhou Shengfang Town Xinchengmei Furniture Factory

405 Langfang Fuward Furniture Co., Ltd.

406 Bazhou Shengfang Fuxing Color Printing Packing Co., Ltd.

407 Bazhou Shengfang Town Hongqi Trademark Printing Factory

408 Bazhou Shengfang Wanlu Building Material Co., Ltd.

409 Bazhou Shengfang Zhixing Pipe Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

410 Bazhou Million Mould Co., Ltd.

411 Bazhou Jinghua Metal Products Co., Ltd.

412 Bazhou East Section Guanghua Furniture Factory

413 Bazhou Youge Furniture Co., Ltd.

414 Langfang Youshun Furniture Co., Ltd.

415 Hebei Bazhou Yongsheng Furniture Co., Ltd.

416 Hebei Jinlu Furniture Co., Ltd.

417 Bazhou Pengfa Furniture Co., Ltd.

418 Hebei Xingtao Advertising Co., Ltd.

419 Bazhou East Section Jinchun Furniture Factory

420 Bazhou Yonghong Furniture Co., Ltd.

421 Bazhou East Section Pinke Furniture Factory

(10) Wen'an County (2)

422 Wen'an Tianzhu New Energy Co., Ltd.

423 Wen'an Xingang Steel Company

(11) Dacheng County (26)

424 River North America Sid Insulation Materials Co., Ltd.

425 purple glass wool

426 country glass wool

427 Huamei Energy Saving Technology Group Glass Cotton Products Co., Ltd.

428 Hebei Shenzhou Thermal Insulation Building Material Group Co., Ltd.

429 Langfang Shenzhou Glass Wool Products Co., Ltd.

430 Hebei Gree Glass Wool Products Co., Ltd.

431 Hebei Yikelong Glass Wool Products Co., Ltd.

432 Dacheng County Jinao Metal Products Factory

433 Dacheng County Yuhong Renewable Resources Utilization Co., Ltd.

434 Dacheng County Kangde Metal Products Co., Ltd.

435 Dacheng County Yongyue Metal Products Co., Ltd.

436 Dacheng County Deyun Metal Products Co., Ltd.

437 Hebei Shanshan Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd.

438 Langfang Minghao Aluminum Co., Ltd.

439 Langfang Shouyue Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd.

440 Hebei Juchuan Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd.

441 Dacheng County Hefeng Nonferrous Metal Co., Ltd.

442 Langfang Degao Aluminum Co., Ltd.

443 Dacheng County Hongya Renewable Resources Utilization Co., Ltd.

444 Dacheng County Haoheng Metal Materials Co., Ltd.

445 Dacheng County Hengjin Metal Materials Co., Ltd.

446 Langfang Hebao Metal Materials Co., Ltd.

447 Hebei Xinrui Energy Saving Building Material Co., Ltd.

448 Hebei Dingtai Lanxing Chemical Building Material Co., Ltd.

449Hebei Guomei New Building Materials Co., Ltd.

Due to the characteristics of low surface energy and strong chemical inertness,  low degree of surface fluorination can improve the surface energy of carbon fiber and greatly improve its wettability and adhesion, while high degree of surface fluorination can further reduce its surface energy and enhance its lubricity and dispersion in solution, thus greatly expanding other application fields. Fluorinated Carbon Fiber can be used as insulator, active materials for battery, light and high conductivity materials.

Fluorinated Carbon Fiber

Shandong Zhongshan Photoelectric Materials Co., Ltd ,