Introduction to high-speed milling and electrical processing technology

When it comes to high-speed milling, as long as people who are engaged in machining know more or less, "high-speed milling" has become a buzzword in today's machining industry, and it has attracted everyone's attention and pursuit, full of mystery and honor. . When it comes to EDM, few people know about it, because EDM has long been defined as special processing other than conventional machining, which is a supplementary processing of machining, and therefore limited to difficult materials and complex structures. The application of micro-processing range. But it is an indispensable process that is irreplaceable by other conventional processes. High-speed milling or electrical processing has its own advantages and disadvantages. The two processes complement each other and develop and progress under the advantages of their respective processing characteristics.

The following is an introduction to the characteristics and experience of high-speed milling and EDM in our company's application of three-axis, five-axis machining centers and EDM for many years.

First, the characteristics of high-speed milling

(1) Features of the workpiece: The processing structure is simple and has advantages. The 5-axis high-speed milling function enables machining of workpieces of various complex shapes. Insufficient: The processing cost is greatly increased by processing more complicated workpieces. Many complicated workpieces, thin-walled workpieces, deep and narrow groove processing, and micro-machining are difficult to process, and even cannot be processed.

(2) Machining accuracy Advantages: The processing precision is relatively high, and the dimensional accuracy of 10 μm and the surface quality of Ra = 1 μm can be achieved, and the secondary treatment of polishing is omitted for some workpieces. Especially for some non-metallic materials with large brittleness, the processing accuracy is better.

For example, graphite electrodes, due to the high cutting speed of high-speed milling, low cutting amount, the electrode corners can ensure a good sharp angle without causing chipping. Insufficient: It requires expensive high-precision, high-rigidity machine tools, and the machine tool cost is 3 to 5 times that of EDM machines. For the inner corner machining can not be achieved, there are tool interference, no suitable tool, etc., also need to use EDM machining or bench work secondary processing.

(3) Processing materials Advantages: It can process various metal materials and non-metal materials with hardness below 60HRC. For materials with lower hardness, the processing advantages are more obvious due to the smaller tool wear. Insufficient: Processing of quenched workpieces, the cost of the tool is high, and the tool life is very low.

(4) Processing speed Advantages: The processing efficiency of high-speed milling is 3 to 5 times that of ordinary machining, and is several times that of EDM. It is several times that of EDM. Because of the high processing efficiency of high-speed milling, the lead time of the workpiece is shortened, and the production efficiency is greatly improved. Insufficient: The control system of the machine tool is very demanding. The programming and the technical quality of the operator are very high, the dependence on the personnel is strong, the programming is unreasonable or the operation is improper, and a serious accident of the knife will occur, and the workpiece will be scrapped, and the accuracy of the machine tool will be lost and the spindle will be damaged. Due to these problems, the popularity of high-speed milling is difficult.

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