Indron Smart Locks bloom Yantai live expo, strength on the Yantai real estate network

From June 16th to June 19th, the annual Yantai Residence Fair is scheduled to come. As a major event in the Yantai real estate industry, it is not only a display festival for the home improvement industry, but also a fashion indicator for home decoration by Yantai citizens. .

The current high standards of the Expo will gather strength brands such as home building materials, living home decoration, and furniture and home appliances. Each brand that enters the Expo will have a good reputation and reputation in the market, and has a strong brand strength for consumption. Protect the rights and interests.

The Swiss brand Indron Smart Lock has emerged as a dark horse in the field of intelligent security. It not only has an atmospheric and stylish appearance, but also has excellent product quality, experience, and perfect after-sales service system. It also landed on the strength of the rookie. The Yantai Residence Expo, and received a lot of people's attention at the show, there are many public friends on the scene to make an appointment to install Indron smart lock.





During the four-day live expo, Indron's smart lock won a lot of achievements and was highly recognized by the official website of Yantai Real Estate. It was listed on the list of first-tier brands. Among the numerous lock companies, only Indonelon's smart locks and traditional lock-ups have made the list.


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lithium chloride Basic Information
Product Name: lithium Chloride
CAS: 7447-41-8
MF: LiCl
MW: 42.39
EINECS: 231-212-3
Mol File: 7447-41-8.mol

Lithium Chloride Structure

Lithium chloride

Lithium Chloride Chemical Properties
Melting point 605 °C(lit.)
Boiling point 1382°C
density 2.06
vapor pressure 1.33 hPa (547 °C)
refractive index n20/D 1.381
Fp -4 °F
storage temp. 2-8°C
solubility H2O: soluble
form beads

color White to gray

Lithium Chloride Use 
Also used for air conditioning, pyrotechnics, dry batteries and lithium metal, also used as a flux and desiccant.

Lithium Chloride CAS No.7447-41-8

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