Hydraulic lift winter maintenance precautions

Hydraulic lift winter maintenance precautions Each season weather and temperature are not the same, lift maintenance and maintenance is also not the same, in the winter, the weather will be colder, the temperature is relatively low, easy to make the welder weld cracks, not fusion, organization Deterioration and other undesirable phenomena. Therefore, it is necessary to make more and better maintenance measures for lifts in the winter. You Yiyuan recommends three kinds of preventive measures for you: First, the reasonable choice of low-temperature steel, at low temperatures, the material of the main force components not only To meet the strength requirements, we must also meet the impact toughness requirements. The welding structure of low-temperature stress components has a great influence on the welding thermal stress and stress concentration, so the structure of table theory should be selected. Second, reasonable selection of hydraulic oil, lubricating grease, and diesel oil, hydraulic lifting oil, as the working medium, transmits the power of the boom lifting and lowering system of the aerial working platform and the hoisting amplitude, rotation, and expansion and contraction of the lifting operation. The viscosity of hydraulic oil is critical, the viscosity is too high, the internal frictional resistance of the system increases, the pressure loss increases, the oil temperature rises too fast, the operation lags behind; the viscosity is too low, the volumetric efficiency of the pump is low, and the lubrication performance is poor. The inter-vehicle frictional resistance increases. The viscosity of the hydraulic fluid varies with the operating temperature, so special care should be taken when selecting hydraulic oil for low temperatures. Third, when lubricating oil, gearbox, transfer case, drive axle, hoisting mechanism, and turning mechanism are operating at low temperature, the lubricating oil should be selected from gear oils with high viscosity index, low condensation point, and good lubricity, otherwise it will cause transmission. The efficiency is obviously reduced, the wear of the transmission parts is increased, the gearbox and the transfer case are heavily operated, and shifting is difficult. With these three maintenance measures, many unnecessary troubles will be reduced, the elevators will be better maintained, the work will be smoother, and the output will be improved.

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