How to paste glass film how to choose glass film

Everyone is more and more advocating energy conservation and environmental protection. The glass heat insulation film has the effect of heat insulation and is highly favored by everyone. Then, how do you know about glass heat insulation film ? What should we pay attention to when shopping? Next Xiaobian for everyone to introduce it.
How to paste glass insulation film

1, first thoroughly clean the glass of the house, do not leave corners, this is the key to the success or failure of the film.
2, cleaning the glass Note that more water, it is best to use a film scraper, the cleaner the better the scraper.
3, spray water on clean glass, pay attention to the water to spray evenly.
4, according to the glass size of the home cut good glass insulation film, each piece of glass cut a film. The film should not be as large as the glass and must be larger than the glass.
5. Spray a layer of water on the cut film.
6. Remove the protective film from the glass heat shield.
7. Spray a layer of water on the glued side of the glass insulation film.
8, gently paste the glass heat insulation film on the window glass, to be correct, can not be skewed. It is best to start posting from a corner. First attach this corner to the glass, and slowly apply the entire film to the glass.
9, if the bubble between the film and glass, as long as the needle puncture the air bubble on it. Do not peel the glass insulation film and reattach it. This is more troublesome and will get worse.
10, can prepare a large brush, brush the surface of the film when the glass insulation film, so it is easy to paste flat.
11, after the glass heat insulation film is completely attached to the glass, carefully check whether there is no uneven place.
12. Scrape the surface of the glass heat insulation film with a film scraper to tightly adhere the film to the glass. At this time, water will flow from the plastic surface of the glass insulation film, and all the water between the film and the glass will be scraped out with a film scraper.
13. The corners of the final glass thermal insulation film are repaired and the excess can be cut off.
How to choose glass insulation film
1, look color

In general, lighter shades of green, sky blue, gray, brown, natural colors, etc. are used to make the eyes more comfortable. In addition, a metal sputtering process is used to apply nickel, silver, titanium, and other high-grade metals to natural films, and no fading or fading occurs. From the appearance point of view, the true explosion-proof film is even and soft in color, and there is no unevenness in the depth of the wave. The scenery is naturally discolored when viewed from inside the vehicle. The ordinary color film is to melt the color directly in the film, tear off the upper layer of plastic paper, and then strongly scrape the paste surface, there will be color off. In addition, when the ordinary color film is gently wiped on the floor, fading occurs.
2. Smell In general, in the residual solvent of the inferior layer of the adhesive layer, the benzene content is high and there will be an odor, and a good film has been treated professionally before leaving the factory, and the odor is small. Experts remind that smelling this smell for a long time will seriously affect people's health.
3, ask the index When consumers choose, you can consult the salesman in detail about the situation, so as to determine the quality of the true and false and good or bad.
4, cut feel Because the surface of the insulation film after hardening treatment, generally do not scratch the surface. However, the ordinary color film is thin and brittle due to its insufficient thickness, and trace marks are left on the film during shaking of the glass.

Xiaobian conclusion: how to paste glass film for everyone to introduce here, for more relevant knowledge, please continue to focus on this site information platform.

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