How to develop online marketing for machine tool SMEs

Online marketing is not a new thing for the machine tool industry. Compared with traditional marketing, online marketing has the advantages of low cost and high efficiency. However, online marketing cannot replace traditional marketing. Only by combining the two into a composite Marketing will benefit the company.

Establish a new network composite marketing mechanism
Machine tools, especially CNC machine tools, are technical and professional, so the price is relatively expensive, coupled with the constraints of China's credit environment, so the network marketing of China's machine tool products has not yet entered the e-commerce stage, network marketing realized It's just the most basic function, from "find customers online, find supplier information from the website." This is the case now, and it is estimated that this will be the case in the long history.

The author believes that the Internet is a business tool, and online marketing is also a means of marketing. We can neither think of "useless", negating online sales, nor can we think of "universal", saying that online marketing is "a business that cannot be done in the world." "Use the "bubble" to mislead enterprises into the Internet, causing the company to misunderstand the network marketing, which led to the company losing confidence in the Internet because it did not achieve the expected results. In order to combine the network marketing with the traditional marketing, the traditional marketing information and network, "online customers, offline business", establish a network-based marketing mechanism, network marketing can highlight the effect.

Most of the machine tool industry enterprises in China have carried out network marketing work. Most of them have established corporate websites, and some enterprises have launched search engine marketing (SEM) and bidding ranking advertisements. However, China's network marketing work is still in the low-level stage of the start, and no actual results have been received. According to our network inspection of many machine tool industry enterprises, it is found that quite a few companies are on the line. Due to the operation of the disease network, the corporate website can not do SEO (network optimization), which is not only not conducive to search engine retrieval, so that the natural ranking is backward and the customer can not find you. And even if you search through the search engine, you can only increase the number of clicks on the company's website, and you can't get real customers. This is because the customer does not get the required product and service information on the Internet, or the website lacks a good corporate image, and the access speed is extremely slow, thus losing the trust of the customer, which means that he spends money to drive away the customer.

Helping the development of SMEs
At present, China's machine tool consumption ranks first in the world, and machine tool production ranks third in the world. In 2009, the total output value of China's machine tools was 10.9 billion US dollars, and about 50,000 companies in the machine tool industry. According to the 8/2 law, 20% of large enterprises accounted for 80% of the market, or 20% of mainstream products accounted for 80%. % marketing amount. In other words, there are about 40,000 small and medium-sized enterprises in China that provide 30 billion yuan of personalized, differentiated non-mainstream products for the Chinese market.

According to the long tail theory, the varieties of these non-mainstream products are infinite, and once they grow up, they will reduce the market for mainstream products. And these unlimited products add up to more than the current mainstream products. For example, high-end, high-speed, five-axis, and composite machining centers reduce the market for electric machine tools used in mold processing. Laser cutting machines will reduce the number of stamping machines used for CNC sheet metal processing. The existing large enterprises are also formed from the step-by-step development of small and medium-sized enterprises. Therefore, the small commodities of small and medium-sized enterprises will become large markets, and small and medium-sized enterprises will also grow and become large enterprises.

The products of small and medium-sized enterprises are generally “filling in the gaps” and “sanding for survival”. With many varieties, small batches, and specialization characteristics, in China's traditional market environment, it is not easy to make the market bigger because it does not have the strength to participate in the mainstream product “Red Sea” market competition.

At the same time, these small and medium-sized enterprises are unlikely to invest heavily in the machine tool industry exhibitions, spend a lot of money on media promotion, and it is even more impossible to establish sales networks throughout the country to attract customers, so most of them are “selling baskets”. "Door-selling, the problem that SMEs must solve in the big market is how to reduce the cost of finding customers.

And network marketing has the advantages of low cost and high efficiency that traditional marketing can't match. The information disseminated by the network is not limited by time and space. As long as the customer uses the search engine to input keywords, he can immediately find the products he needs. Therefore, it is the best way to find the customers in the online marketing market. .

Especially at present, enterprises are facing the difficulties of increasing the marketing costs of raw materials and labor services. The use of online marketing is an effective way to reduce and reduce expenses. Online marketing is more practical.

Don't abandon machine customers
In the actual marketing process, most of the company's sales department will focus on the latest customers, and have no time to consider those customers who will not achieve procurement. This shows that you are abandoning customers, which will cause great losses.

These customers are being abandoned, including old customers who have already been dealt with, as well as customers who have been exposed through marketing events such as trade shows and events, media advertising and internet marketing. Enterprises have invested a certain amount of cost, so they have established a certain relationship with them. However, for various reasons, there is only no transaction for the time being. Therefore, they are all potential customers who are hard-won. It is a pity that these potential customers are ignored only because it is temporarily impossible to close.

For example, in the industry exhibitions of machine tools, exhibitors generally spend a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources, ranging from tens of thousands of yuan to hundreds of thousands of yuan and millions of yuan. But in general, the chances of trading machine products at the show are not too high. However, influential exhibitions will attract many interested professional visitors, who will take away product information and also leave contact information such as business cards. Many of these professional audiences will be transformed into real customers. For another example, the old machine customers who have already sold, generally need a process to repeat the purchase after the first transaction. However, the general supplier, after the routine delivery service, is only the technical service personnel passively waiting for the warranty information for one year warranty period, and the sales department almost rarely contact. In this way, the opportunity for the customer's next purchase will often be handed over to others. In general, the cost of developing a new customer is six times that of developing an old customer.

In fact, many companies understand the above reasons, but it is difficult to achieve the development of potential customers due to the high cost of customer maintenance caused by traditional marketing conditions. The so-called traditional marketing can be understood as "people sales", so that no matter whether it is the boss or salesperson of the company, it is impossible to spend so much time and energy to visit or contact frequently. Objectively speaking, their attention can only focus on the latest customers who are about to achieve sales, so they can only "reluctantly cut love" and lose sight of it.

How to achieve both "fish and bear's paw", the best of both worlds, e-commerce, online marketing (online marketing) can be done easily. The “customer management system” operated by network means changes the traditional way of maintaining customers at high cost.

It can take care of and develop new and existing customers and potential customers in an almost zero-cost way. Making full use of the free resources in the information Internet era, not only the low cost, but also the high efficiency of the four processes of "finishing customers, contacting customers, caring for customers, and developing customers".

In the enterprise, we must establish a "customer service center", mainly "network sales", by training qualified employees, using online marketing methods, using e-commerce means, through SEO, SEM (search engine optimization, marketing), from the Internet Discover customers; operate the “customer management system” and integrate all customer resources. At the same time, the company established a "product sales center" within the company, focusing on "people sales", focusing on real-life customers, conducting technical exchanges, providing solutions and completing business cooperation.

It is necessary to realize the compound marketing mechanism of “network sales”, “people sales” and “two legs walking” to make it operate smoothly. It is still necessary for enterprises to optimize their various resources, set up processes and standardize operations. In this way, we can truly reflect efficiency and achieve the desired goals.

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