How to decorate the TV wall? TV wall decoration planning

For every home decoration, the TV background wall is undoubtedly the most important! Whether the trend of TV wall decoration has personality has a direct impact on the whole home decoration, so we must plan the decoration of the TV wall well and strive to achieve twice the result with half the effort. The following decoration home decoration network Xiaobian will come to introduce the planning of TV wall decoration for everyone!


        First, the TV background wall space size planning

Before the construction of the TV wall, we have to plan the size of the wall in advance. The size of the background wall is generally determined by the size of the TV and the size of the overall space. The background wall is set off, and the TV is the protagonist. It is unreasonable to design the TV background wall too large or too small.

       Second, TV background wall color style planning

Next, we must consider the color style of the background wall. It is well known that the background wall is to compensate for the blank space behind the TV set and carry the whole space decoration effect. The color scheme should be matched with the overall decoration style of the space. The color should be clearly distinguished from the wall and can be similar to or opposite to the ground color. The dark wooden walls are more calm and the light wooden walls are suitable for fresh rural or Japanese and Nordic styles.


Third, TV background wall modeling plan

       The selection of the background wall is rich and varied. The design should be based on the principle of simple shape. The shape of the circle, the arc or the straight and non-angular line can be used as the main shape. Pay attention to the sharp corners of the background wall and the irregular and messy design.

Fourth, TV background wall material selection planning

       Determine the material selection of the background wall. Generally speaking, the same material can achieve different decoration effects according to the planning requirements, but there are some materials that are most suitable for reflecting certain style characteristics. At the same time, according to the economic budget plan, choose the appropriate materials for renovation. There are many kinds of wood materials. This article mainly introduces three kinds of wood veneer, solid wood floor and wood line material for reference.

The above is the decoration of the decoration of the home decoration network Xiaobian for everyone to bring information about the TV wall decoration planning , I hope you can understand after reading. If you want to know more about the relevant knowledge, please enter the design encyclopedia of the decoration home decoration network to inquire!

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