How to choose cabinets by looking at accessories!

Many people choose cabinets, only to see the appearance of the United States is not beautiful, there are many features, as well as its material, seldom consider the details, in fact, can really affect the life of the cabinet, or look at the cabinet hardware requirements, such as To plastic board, hinges, rails, etc., therefore, buy a good cabinet can not ignore the cabinet accessories, today Xiaobian teach you how to choose!

First, cabinet hardware buying skills - skirting board

It is often overlooked. In fact, it may be the first problem with the kitchen cabinet. Because it is closest to the ground, if the ground is very wet, it is likely to be swollen and moldy. There are two types of baseboards: wooden baseboards and matte metal baseboards. Wood baseboard manufacturers generally use the corner waste left when the cabinet body is used, and the cost is low. However, due to the close distance between the skirting board and the ground, wooden materials tend to absorb moisture and moisture, and vapors rise along the skirting board to endanger the entire cabinet.

Second, cabinet hardware buying skills - pull basket

The items in the kitchen are the most frequently touched everyday, and the utensils in the kitchen are the most versatile in everyday life. How to establish a good order of life in such a frequently-moving space is an annoyance that many families face. This kind of trouble can only be solved by pulling the basket. The basket has a large storage space and can be divided into reasonable spaces so that all kinds of articles and utensils can be properly obtained.

Third, cabinet hardware buying skills - steel pumping, cutlery tray

Steel extraction, cutlery tray size accurate, standardized, easy to clean, not afraid of pollution, will not be deformed, for the maintenance and use of the kitchen cabinet drawer has its irreplaceable role, has long been Germany, the United States, Japan and other developed countries kitchen Cabinet companies are widely used. Therefore, when you roughly observe the appearance of the kitchen cabinet, you should open and look at each drawer. If you use a combination of steel extraction and knife and fork tray, it means that the product cost is higher and the kitchen cabinet combination is more standardized. Drawers are less expensive.

Fourth, cabinet hardware buying skills - hinge

As many as tens of thousands of times the kitchen door is opened and closed, the pros and cons of door hinges are very important. Practice has proved that, depending on the nature of use of kitchen cabinets and the accuracy of door arrangement, as well as the weight of kitchen doors themselves, it is difficult for domestic hinges to achieve the necessary quality requirements for kitchen cabinets.

Fifth, Cabinet Hardware Selection Tips - Spotlights

General glass door hanging cabinets or kitchen cabinets equipped with light ceilings are often equipped with spotlights, which are classified into probe type and horizontal type, depending on individual preferences. However, attention should be paid to the selection of 12V spotlights with transformers because, for safety reasons, the state has banned the use of 220V voltage for furniture lights.

Sixth, cabinet hardware buying tips - leading

The faucet can be said to be the most intimate part of the kitchen, but its quality is often overlooked. Facts have proven that taps are the easiest place to go in the kitchen. If you use low-quality, low-quality faucets, leakage will occur, and the consequences of untimely closure will be very serious. Therefore, you should attach great importance to the quality of the product when it is purchased.

Seventh, cabinet hardware buying skills - basin

The basin is a relatively high-usage item in the kitchen, so its choice is also very important. Most common basins are stainless steel, artificial stone, ceramics, and stone products, depending on the owner's preferences and the overall style of the kitchen.

Eighth, cabinet hardware buying skills - drawer guide

The guide rail is one of the important hardwares in the kitchen cabinet hardware. Its importance is second only to the hinge. The condition and ratio of the guide rails used by the kitchen cabinet company are similar to the hinges. About 95% of the kitchen cabinet companies use the guide rails with low quality and poor quality. In contrast, advantages and disadvantages do not distinguish between appearance and use. The main difference lies in the differences in materials, principles, structures, equipment, and production processes. As long as you pay a little bit of attention, you can pull out the drawers and you will be able to tell the truth.

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