How much is the price of paint coating?

Paint, as a home decoration material that adorns the indoor environment, is a brush painting technique that everyone who wants to create a high-end home cares about. Then how should the paint be used ? How much is the amount of paint needed? Let's learn about it together.

1, how to brush paint

a, sand the wall

If you want to make the coating evenly and closely conform to the wall surface, you should follow the operation method of a professional painter. Use a spatula or frosted hard paper with a frosted function to remove the old debris from the wall and touch it with your hand. Has a smooth, smooth, clean wall feel been achieved before a full brushing process.

b. Choose the right tool

Talking about how to brush paint , of course, professional and appropriate brushing tools and coatings. The main reason why short-haired roller brushes or comfortable soft-bristle brushes have always been favored by many professional construction masters is that compared to other ordinary brushes, the paint can be more perfectly applied to the wall surface to achieve a touch. And visual double comfort effect.

c. Soaking tools

No matter how the brush painting method, can not ignore this step, that is fully soaked brush, to ensure that the paint is effectively fused in the brush, so that the follow-up wall peeling, cracking and other conditions also have a very good preventive effect , so it is recommended that everyone is able to soak brushing tools before construction.

d, professional brushing techniques

(a) Hand brushing

For some relatively narrow areas, such as railings, window sill, etc., do not want to contaminate the area that does not need to be painted when brushing, it is best to choose a small brushing tool to paint carefully with a hand brush.

(b) Roller brush method

This brushing method is mainly applied to the middle width range, the only drawback is that it is easy to flow paint, so when operating, it should follow a small number of times the principle of the roller point dip coating, step by step to complete the brushing work.

(c) Spray painting

How to brush paint the fastest, worry, spray painting method is undoubtedly the most accurate answer, especially for a wide range of space is particularly applicable, and this method to achieve a smooth wall, but also can be a good way to avoid the occurrence of paint and other floor drain.

2. How much is the price of paint?

Due to the different paint brands and the corresponding construction area, the price of the paint is not the same. Therefore, when preparing to purchase paint, it is best to be able to measure the size of the wall area involved first, and to purchase the paint of the desired brand according to their economic ability, and then combine the construction cost of the worker to calculate the price.

Xiao Bian concludes: I believe that people who have had experience in decoration know that the paint brush method has an undeniable influence in the home improvement process. Therefore, I hope that Xiao Bian's finishing of the content on how to paint the paint can help everyone master the professional and correct Brushing skills to create a warm and pleasant home environment.

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