How much do you know about the sorting technology of PET bottles and PVC bottles?

If PET bottles and PVC bottles are mixed together, here are all transparent bottles. PET bottle molding is carried out in two steps, that is, injection molding and blow molding, so each PET bottle has a injection port at the lower end, and you can see it with a look. PVC is blow molded and does not require injection molding, so there is no injection port. So a bottle with a injection port is PET, and no PVC.

If it is mass-produced, the total bottle will be steamed, the PVC that has passed the high-temperature steam will become opaque, and the PET will be transparent. It will be easy to sort and save, and the steamed label tape will be Automatic degumming, tearing away by hand.

The bottle is not easy to recognize. It can only be boiled or steamed. The PVC that has been boiled or steamed becomes opaque. PET is still transparent. It is pure to choose opaque PET.

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