How is the letter lamp lighting price?

Have you heard of Pedestrian Lighting? Prudential Lighting is a free brand under the punctuation lighting electrical plant, is a professional production and sales of various types of furniture and related products. With its excellent quality, unique design, and novel styles, Shin Shin Lighting specializes in producing modern furniture lighting. The following Xiaobian on the letter lighting knowledge for everyone to do one by one, to understand together to understand it!

How is the letter lighting?

The product is mainly focused on fashion, personality and simple style. While grasping the forefront of world lighting popular design, it is aiming at the market trend. With high-quality services, consumers can experience value-added shopping fun and create furniture. The perfect harmony of the light environment. Shine Shine's lighting surface is made of mirror stainless steel, thickened with multi-layer polishing, shiny as a mirror, allowing light to reflect more levels. Crystal lamps have adopted the national level K9 crystal, revealing noble, elegant, mysterious, each crystal is crystal clear, angular, smooth surface, reflecting a colorful effect.

The price of the letter lighting

1, goods led personality small ceiling lamp 3351 Reference price: 35 yuan

2, product letter led cover glass four chandelier 3154 reference price: 218 yuan

3, product led led ceiling lamp round crystal lamp 3257 universal dimming color 44W Price: 118 yuan

4, Yuanpin letter Chinese-style bedroom lights round balcony lamps 8001 3 chrome blisters Price: 118 yuan

5, product letter led ceiling lamp bedroom creative three lemon 3179 Reference Price: 142 yuan

6, product innovation round LED ceiling lamp 3511 large 78cm stepless dimming 64W Price: 349 yuan

7, goods led led creative circular ceiling lamp 3519 large universal dimming 33W Price: 268 yuan

8, the product promise LED promise dimmable starfish ceiling lamp 3553 t super bright white 20W reference price: 118 yuan

Shin Shin Lighting Cleaning and Maintenance

Generally, the more beautiful lamps usually have more complex shapes and lampshades. If the humidity is dusty, the lamps often rust and paint off. The lampshades are gradually dark due to the dust. If they are not processed, the average annual reduction is about 100%. In thirty, in a few years, the corridor lights will be dark and gloomy.

Lights are best not to use water to clean, as long as a dry cloth dipped in water can be wiped, weak accidentally touch the water should be wiped dry, should not be wiped immediately after the light wipe with a wet cloth, because the light bulb in case of high temperature is easy to burst.

The choice of lamps cannot focus on prices alone. Quality and service are fundamental, and the most expensive is not necessarily the best. The color, shape and style of the lamps and lanterns must be commensurate with the style of the interior decoration and the furniture, and they should echo each other. The flashy lighting does not only add to the icing on the cake.

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