Full interpretation of the overall bathroom ceiling from purchase to construction installation

Home ceiling is one of the essential items, including: living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, balcony, and the bathroom must ceiling; Xiaobian learned that the overall bathroom ceiling is better than the traditional bathroom ceiling, whether in the overall appearance, or At the level of space, the family has created a safe and comfortable shower environment. So I will fully share the overall bathroom ceiling from the purchase to the construction of installation knowledge.

Through the revolutionary innovation of traditional sanitary ware products, the three functions of heating, ventilation, and lighting are modularized, and the integration of the ceiling module in an ingenious manner is a feature of the overall bathroom ceiling.

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A: The overall bathroom ceiling needs to buy things and skills:

1. Lamp warm: The material of the lamp surface is generally made of hard quartz glass. The detailed manufacturers will use quartz hard glass of different types. When we choose, we mainly look at whether the lamp surface is even. If the surface of the lamp is not even, it may cause an explosion. One is to see if the combination of the double thread and the lamp body is tightly integrated.

2. Ventilation: The bathroom is relatively humid when it is in the bath. The ventilation fan usually has 2 files. The high-grade can quickly eliminate the water vapor in the bathroom. The low-grade is mainly used to exclude the odor of the bathroom.

The most important thing for ventilation fans is to look at the noise situation of the motor. The general motor is an oil-bearing bearing, which belongs to sliding friction and will produce relatively large noise and will resonate with the ceiling. Some brand motors use ball bearing motors. This type of motor belongs to dynamic friction. The friction resistance is smaller than sliding friction. It is characterized by low noise, lower than the current international standards, and the other is long service life.

3. Wind warming: Wind heating also depends on the hair dryer system. Is it possible to send hot air to 1.8-2M? As the general wind warm air supply requirements must reach a 1.8-2M range. This allows the user not to feel under temperature when bathing.

4. The material of the bathroom gussets is made of aluminum. The process is divided into three categories: sanding, roller coating and film coating. Frosted sand is drawn directly on aluminum and the surface is oxidized. This process can prevent rust. Roll coating in the production process to roll 3 3 coating, the popular saying is to paste 3 times to do 3 rolling membrane. The production process of the film-covered board is a combination of the inlet PVC film and the overcoating color paint. The surface pattern is rich in color and has the advantages of anti-wear, stain resistance, and convenience of scrubbing. There is still a too silver plate. This process is a kind of anti-seepage seepage plate. It is a kind of bionic technology. Like the lotus leaf, the water droplets will not be condensed on the top, but will fall down directly.

II: The overall bathroom ceiling construction and installation:

The buckle board is divided into a light color system and a dark color system in terms of color. As for how to select a color, it depends on the preference of the bathroom in the home. Heating first open the appropriate device switch to test machine. When the lights are on, it will take 15 seconds to feel the heat, and if so, then there is no problem. After the warm air is turned on, it is necessary to feel whether there is hot air at 1.8-2M away from the warm air, and if it is confirmed, the warm air is normal.

The ventilation fan should open the high and low gears to listen to the noise level, whether the noise is relatively quiet and whether there is a strange sound. The gusset board depends on whether it is flat at the seams of the electrical appliance and whether the overall assembly line is smooth.

In terms of installation, the overall bath top requires an interval of 2.3-2.5 meters from the ground, which is the best heating effect. If Gaodu is too low, it will damage the user's head. Look at whether the ceiling is peaceful, and electrical appliances and pipes should be staggered, to ensure that the appearance, to try to achieve the pipeline is blocked in the ceiling, this installation is generally free to install the store, but if there is a special type of installation, then charge A certain amount of special-shaped mounting process was used. The so-called special-shaped installation means that the pipes of some bathrooms may be very special, with many convex downwards, and the corners should be packaged to achieve the appearance of appearance.

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