Four strokes to choose genuine latex paint

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Paint is an important last ring in home decoration. The low-grade inferior paint has uneven gloss, easy to yellow and become brittle, cracked and peeled off, not only wastes high-quality plates, but also destroys the overall decoration effect. High-quality paint can not only make up for the defects of the previous decoration, but also improve the taste and grade of the whole decoration, giving the home a richer cultivation and connotation. However, there is no obvious difference in the appearance of the paint. If you do not have professional equipment, you want to choose a good paint. Here are some of the easiest ways to choose.

Buy the most heavy packaging, lift the paint bucket, and shake it. If there is a faint sound, it means that the packaging is seriously insufficient, the shortage is less than two, the viscosity is too low, and the regular big factory is real material, and it can hardly hear the sound.

Buy the least amount of the consumer to consult the paint brushing and brushing area, calculate the amount and cost per square meter of material, not deceived by each unit price. The paint consists of solids and volatiles, with a high solid content of 70% to 80%, and a low content of less than 10% to 20%. The low unit price is often very expensive, more expensive and wasteful, and quality. poor effect.

Buying high-quality products with good professional support is often more professional. The texture, color, structure or object of the board are different, and the design and process are different. This requires the product manufacturer to provide technical guidance to consumers. After sales service. It is understood that regular manufacturers provide color-based sample color cards.

The latex paint produced by regular manufacturers produced by regular manufacturers should have more important marks and data on the packaging drum, such as trademark, manufacturer name, date of manufacture and weight. In addition, when picking the products of regular manufacturers, we must also pay attention to the environmental performance of the products. The strong manufacturers will strictly demand the environmental performance of the products. Consumers can refer to the technical supervision bureau, China Environmental Label Certification Committee and other relevant authorities. The certification is made for purchase.

In short, as long as you pay attention to the purchase channel and product features, you can certainly buy a safe, safe, authentic latex paint.

Innovative inkjet printing technology also brought great vitality of ceramic tiles,Thin Porcelain Tiles patterns more and more colorful. At the show, regardless of the stone, wood effect of the tiles, or geometry, large ceramic plate specifications, without exception, are up and down in the surface texture of the bump mold up and down enough, and jumped out of the past limited to stone or wood Natural attributes, into many designers and technicians ideas.Thin Digital Tiles.
The company has developed a successful application of inkjet printed tiles equipment with seepage glaze, the color infiltration into the blank 0.5 ~ 0.6mm, if the polishing depth of 0.15mm, leaving the pattern is still clear to see the booth gray black and white seepage stone imitation The effect of the 1000x3000mm polishing plate, no less than cast glaze effect, if combined with fine powder, particle cloth technology, the effect will be better! This may be the future direction of development of polished tiles and polished sheets.
Inkjet technology combined with spray glaze process, the decorative ceramic sheet to further enhance, still based on large-size products, product thickness between 3-6mm. A variety of wood, stone-like inkjet, polishing, semi-polishing, full cast glaze, matt ceramic sheet products. In the product design, the ceramic sheet is not weaker than the traditional ceramic tile.
At present, the marketing of sheet metal is still dominated by engineering channels. Real estate, subways, hospitals, high-rise buildings and other public works are the key sales areas of Thin Ceramic Tiles, Practice has proved that up to 100 meters high-rise, the use of ceramic wall tiles for paving, is safe and feasible, the material costs, construction costs, transportation costs, and ceramic curtain wall hanging compared to substantially reduce the cost of more than 50%. Therefore, in terms of engineering channels, instead of the traditional curtain wall hanging system, is one of the important applications of ceramic sheet. At present, the ceramic sheet has begun to be used in large-scale applications in high-rise plug-in systems, a lot of engineering projects.
For the northern market, we also introduced the construction material system for Digital Printed Tiles plus thermal insulation materials. Compared with the traditional dry hanging products, ceramic plates not only lower the cost, but also more convenient paving, no steel skeleton, the number of workers reduced from two to one person. A building, originally with 100 tons of ceramic products on the wall, the selection of sheets, only 30 tons, construction costs have also been significantly reduced. "

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