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China is the world's largest steel producer, but high energy consumption, high pollution, high dependence on foreign countries, low concentration, low added value and other "three highs and two lows" dysentery has been plaguing the steel industry. The researchers of the State Key Laboratory of Rolling Technology and Continuous Rolling Automation of Northeastern University started from the most difficult problems in the steel industry. In order to create the “National” signboard in the steel field, they have embarked on a road of innovation to explore “new generation steel materials”. .

How to increase the strength of ordinary carbon steel and low alloy steel, which account for most of China's steel material production, without adding or adding alloying elements is the most difficult problem in the steel industry. However, this is another subject with great economic benefits. If the problem is solved, it will not only improve the recoverability of steel, but also have far-reaching significance for the sustainable development of China's economy.

Members of the State Key Laboratory of Rolling Technology and Continuous Rolling Automation at Northeastern University chose to face the difficulties. At the end of 1998, the National 973 Program project “Major basic research on new generation of steel materials” was established. The task of “Basic Research on Grain Refinement in Rolling Process” was placed in the rolling technology and continuous rolling automation of Northeastern University. The shoulder of the key laboratory.

At that time, countries such as Japan had begun research in this area. They pursued the limit of grain refinement. However, after literature analysis and on-the-spot investigation, laboratory researchers decided not to blindly pursue foreign trends, but to focus their research on In the existing industrial conditions, the academic ideas of moderate grain refinement and composite strengthening are creatively proposed.

After nearly one year of research, the laboratory has developed a new generation of steel material prototype steel super steel using traditional controlled rolling and controlled cooling technology. Subsequently, they cooperated with Baosteel Co., Ltd. to realize the industrial trial production and production of 400MPa super steel hot rolled strip on the production line. This new generation of steel materials is used in the front beam of the FAW Group truck chassis engine. Not only do all the indicators meet the technical requirements, but the cost per ton of steel can be reduced by 200-300 yuan, and the economic and social benefits are very significant.

This topic has created four firsts in the international competition of Chinese researchers: the first time to get the process window of super steel industry production; the first time to obtain prototype steel samples under laboratory conditions; the first time under industrial production conditions Rolling out super steel; for the first time, super steel was used in automobile manufacturing.

On this basis, the laboratory has challenged the “Controlled Rolling and Controlled Cooling Technology”. After 8 years of hard work, "the new generation of TMCP technology with ultra-fast cooling as the core" has been applied from the original concept and laboratory research, which has played an important role in reducing costs and achieving comprehensive upgrading of steel materials.

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