Expert Weapon: How to choose a toilet? How many steps do toilets have?

Toilets are places where people excrete waste. If toilets are not selected for purchase, or if the environment is messy, it will affect people's mind and physiology. According to the explanation of traditional Chinese medicine: In the past, traditionally people used the trough to solve problems. Nowadays people prefer toilets, the elderly are slow to move, and the toilet design also brings convenience to the elderly.

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What kind of toilet is better, how to choose a toilet?

1, first understand the housing drainage system (the bottom row or wall row), select the appropriate water from the toilet.

2, see the design:

Flushing function: For toilets, the most important thing is the effect of sewage. Whether the design of sewage pipes and water components is reasonable is the biggest factor affecting the flushing function. Water-saving toilet flushing water consumption is not more than 6L.

3, look at the ceramic surface (glazed):

Brightness: Generally high-temperature ceramics are brighter and more brilliant in color, making them easier to clean. Smoothness and flatness: The surface of the ceramic is smooth and delicate. There is no unevenness when touching the ceramic surface with your hand. There are no obvious defects, such as pinholes, spots, and lack of glaze. Color: Products with the same color should have no color difference.

4, see porcelain:

Listen to the sound to distinguish porcelain: the use of acoustic principles, sound in the same medium to send a crisp and loud sound, no cracking sound, no cracks as well. Weight determination: Density: the same volume (same size or same volume), the heavier the product, the greater the density, ie, the smaller the gap, so the lower the water absorption of the (ceramic) product, the better the odor resistance and crack resistance. durable.

5, see matching:

Cover: Pay attention to whether the material of the cover is firm, easy to break, and whether the design is reasonable. Water tank fittings: Water tank fittings are often easy to ignore, and more people pay attention to the appearance style. In fact, the water tank fittings are like the heart of a toilet bowl and are most likely to have quality problems. When buying, pay attention to the following: The accessories are of good quality, low water injection noise, strong and durable, can withstand water soaking for a long time without corrosion, no scale.

Up to three tricks to teach you to buy a toilet:

1. Glazed: Pay attention to the glazed surface of the toilet. The glazed surface of a toilet with good quality should be smooth, smooth, and free of blisters. The color should be saturated. After inspecting the glazed surface, you should also touch the sewer of the toilet. If it is rough, it can easily be left behind.

2. Caliber: Large-diameter sewage pipes and glazing on the inner surface are not easy to catch dirt, discharge sewage quickly and effectively, and effectively prevent clogging. The test method puts the entire hand into the toilet mouth, and generally has a hand capacity that is optimal.

3, weight: The heavier the better the toilet, the ordinary weight of about 50 pounds toilet, a good toilet about 100 pounds. Large weight toilets are dense and the quality is relatively high. A simple way to test the weight of your toilet: Take the lid of your tank with your hands and take a look at its weight.

4, the outlet: the bottom of the toilet drain hole is the best one, and now many brands of sewage holes are 2-3 (according to different caliber), but the more sewage holes affect the impact. The water outlet of the toilet is divided into the lower drainage and the horizontal drainage. The distance from the center of the outlet to the wall behind the water tank should be measured. Buy the same type of toilet bowl to “close the seat, otherwise the toilet cannot be installed. The horizontal drainage toilet seat The height of the outlet should be equal to the height of the horizontal outlet, preferably a little higher, to ensure the smoothness of the sewage. A 30-centimeter toilet is for the middle and lower water: 20 to 25 centimeters for the toilet in the backwater; the distance is more than 40 centimeters for the front sink. The toilet was slightly wrong, and the water was not good.

5, water: water directly determines the service life of the toilet. The quality of water for branded toilets and regular toilets is very different, because almost every family has experienced the difficulty of water tanks. Therefore, when choosing a toilet, the identification method is to hear the sound of the button. The crisp sound is best.

6, flush: From a practical point of view, the toilet should first have the basic functions of flushing thoroughly. Therefore, the flushing method is very important. The toilet flushing water is straight flush, rotary siphon, swirl siphon, and jet siphon. Pay attention to the choice of different drainage methods: toilet water press can be divided into "wash-off type", "siphon flush type" and "siphon swirl" and so on. The flush type and siphon flush type water injection volume is about 6 liters, and the sewage discharge capacity is strong, but the sound is large when flushing; while the swirl type uses a large amount of water at a time, but it has a good mute effect. Consumers may wish to try straight siphonic toilets, which have the advantages of both straight flush and siphon, both to quickly wash dirt, but also can play a role in water conservation.

7, water tank: Water leakage in the toilet tank, in addition to obvious drip sound can be determined, generally not easy to find, a simple check method is to instill blue ink in the toilet tank, stir to see whether the blue water out of the toilet water outlet, if any It shows where the toilet leaks. As a reminder, it is best to choose a higher height tank, so that the momentum is good. (Note: The flush volume below 6 liters can be listed as a water-saving toilet.)

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