Development and utilization of low-grade bauxite in Henan have technical support

The results of the project “Research on Geological Survey and Availability of Low-grade Bauxite in Dengfeng-Xinmi Region of Henan Province” reviewed by experts recently showed that the project team delineated 4 ore-finding targets in the work area and developed low-grade grades. Bauxite development and utilization of the process.

The project was implemented by the China Institute of Geological Survey's Zhengzhou Institute of Comprehensive Utilization of Mineral Resources. The study focused on low-grade bauxite deposits in Henan Province and evaluated the resource potential of important metallogenic areas. The development of representative low-grade bauxite ores was carried out. Availability research work. Through three years of work, the project team found deposits of bauxite for the first time in Yueyao, Fangshan, and Mojie districts of Henan Province, and delineated three depositing bauxite prospecting targets, and also submitted the Shenjiamen prospecting target. Department.

The project team carried out an expansion experiment on the sample with a ratio of aluminum to silicon of 3.65 in the ore, and adopted a classification-re-selection-selective grinding-grading process to obtain a concentrate-alumina-silicon ratio of 6.38, a recovery rate of alumina of 72.18%, and a yield of 66.31. % of indicators; Developed inhibitors ZMD and ZMC series collectors, pharmaceuticals applied to middle and low grade bauxite mines in Henan Jiaozuo and Pingdingshan mining areas, obtained better technical indicators, and developed low-grade bauxite mines in Henan Utilized to provide technical support.

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