Cross-border marriage of furniture and floor creates strong terminal marketing

As a floor industry with a relatively low barrier to entry, there are still many workshop-style production chains. Under the test of the market economy, the model of the entire industry is becoming more mature, and the floor brands are also surviving the fittest. In the critical period of transformation, the floor brand can only become a leader in the fierce competition of the survival of the fittest in the market only when the floor brand always pays attention to the market development and changes, constantly adjusts its corporate strategy, and strives to break through and leapfrog in the homogeneous competition of products.

Although the market in 2011 was affected by the real estate regulation policy, the home market has been quiet since 2010, but the rigid demand for housing has always existed and is still relatively large, especially in recent years, the affordable housing projects in many cities across the country have been fully opened. In the situation of severe overcapacity and oversupply in the market, wood flooring companies must strictly control the quality and compete for market share by focusing on products with higher cost performance and quality.

Market segments

Consumers have already entered rational consumption when purchasing home products. Therefore, in the operation of brand operations, avoid impetuousness, be down-to-earth, and rely too much on film stars as image spokespersons and concept operations will be counterproductive. The sales and after-sales services should be gradually strengthened to make them enter the connotation of the brand. Brand building should emphasize individuality. The more prominent the brand's personality, the more concentrated the target consumers will be. Consumers with different needs will actively pay attention to related brands, so that the wooden floor market will not appear to push, price wars, and mutual Robbing customers.

Marketing terminal inter-bank marriage

As the real estate industry is affected by the national regulation and control policies, the real estate boom has gradually entered a quiet period, and it also directly affects its downstream industry-the wood flooring industry, making wood flooring companies and dealers face unprecedented pressure. In order to break through, companies have adopted the brand and brand group heating policy to occupy the market share. That is to use the strength of brand alliance, product complementation, brand reputation and other advantages to highlight the marketing advantages of brand alliances. Form a one-stop home furnishing service at the market terminal, such as nature, living home, North American maple, Ronghui and other brands to create a one-stop home decoration service on the terminal marketing of the home store, based on its own wooden floor fist products. Other industries of decoration and building materials, such as wooden floors, sanitary ware, wooden cabinets, ceilings and even lamps, are committed to becoming a comprehensive and professional one-stop product marketing alliance in the home furnishing industry in the terminal marketing market. The attractiveness is: the variety of building materials in home decoration is complete, consumers save time and effort, and reduce procurement costs, and these alliances are trustworthy brands, so consumers buy it with ease.

The operation mode of this alliance has many forms. At the scene of building materials supermarkets, information dissemination and information sharing can also be carried out in specialty stores of various brands. The cross-bank marriage of marketing terminals is an effective way to share customer resources, reduce marketing costs, and enhance the brand, and will become a development trend.

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Sheave Pulley

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