Copper and aluminum composite radiator What are the advantages and disadvantages

The copper-aluminum composite radiator is a mainstream heating device on the market today. It can be seen regardless of the north and south, new houses and old houses. Recently, many consumers consult the St. Lawrence customer service: What about copper-aluminum composite radiators? What are the advantages and disadvantages of it? Is it suitable for ordinary family use? To solve these problems, we will answer them one by one today.

The copper-aluminum composite radiator is a new type of modern radiator. It is a high-efficiency and energy-saving radiator made of copper pipes and aluminum profiles that are precisely swelled. The copper pipe is responsible for water, the pipe has strong corrosion resistance, strong pressure resistance, large inner wall diameter and large water flow; the aluminum profile is responsible for heat dissipation, the heat dissipation effect is good, the material is strong and durable, the compressive performance is strong, and the two are strong and strong. Give full play to its advantages, make the radiators play an outstanding heat dissipation performance, and is widely accepted by professionals and consumers in the industry for its excellent anti-corrosion performance, wide applicability, good heat-price ratio, high value-preserving rate and beautiful appearance. Praise, has gained more and more users of all ages.

Copper and aluminum composite radiator What are the advantages of 1, as a composite radiator, copper aluminum composite radiator surface is aluminum, and aluminum has a good thermal performance, coupled with the column-wing structure design adds heat Area, so that the radiator has achieved rapid heat dissipation, rapid heating and other properties.

2. The use of a pure copper tube for the header tank and the heat pipe through which the heat medium flows has a good resistance to alkaline water corrosion. In addition, modern copper-aluminum composite radiators are well-processed, such as St. Lawrence TP2 pure copper pipe, copper content of 99.9%, continuous casting and rolling process, high density, uniform texture, ductility Strong, heat-treated stable pressure, strong corrosion resistance.

3, Radiator style design and color use, are closely following the trend of the times, available for users to choose from, stylish appearance, compact size, small footprint, decorative, can be applied to a variety of styles of home decoration, and flooring, furniture , wallpaper, etc. to create a warm and stylish home environment.
4. The copper-aluminum composite radiator has a wide range of applications. Due to its excellent corrosion resistance, it is suitable for use in any heating water and complex heating system projects. It can also be used for solar, liquefied gas, electric heaters and other heating sources.
What are the disadvantages of the copper-aluminum composite radiator? 1. Compared with other types of radiators, copper-aluminum composite radiators will have higher prices. This is because copper is a precious metal and raw material prices are high. The price of radiators produced by them will not be too high. Low, along with good product performance and special manufacturing processes also increase the production cost of the radiator.

2, the production process requirements are high, the general small businesses, small workshops difficult to meet the production requirements, such as the connection process is good or bad directly determines the performance of the product. This puts forward requirements for users to purchase copper-aluminum composite radiators. They should go to regular malls or specialty stores to choose branded products so as to ensure genuine prices and no future problems.
From the above analysis, it can be seen that copper-aluminum composite radiators have advantages and disadvantages. In general, they have a wide range of application and are suitable for many ordinary households. We can choose suitable styles and colors for the home economic situation and actual heating needs, and buy the heart-warming radiator products.

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