Common quality problems in color spinning

1, the strip is not uniform. The main performances are: thick yarn, coarse yarn, big belly yarn.

1): There are three kinds of thick yarns, one is thick or thin, and it is very regular. This may be because different yarns are mixed or one yarn is thick or thin. The weaving mill can find this yarn ball. can. Sometimes the roving that the customer thinks may also be caused by the weaving of two yarns in the weaving factory. One is more serious because it is not full or long and has no obvious regularity. One is short, short and thin. The solution to the latter two cases is to change the yarn or cut the price, but the specific problem depends on the customer.

2): The two conditions of thick yarn and big belly yarn can be solved by electric cleaning. The main function of electric cleaning is: the electronic yarn clearer is installed on the winder, and the yarn passes through the electronic yarn clearer when winding. For thicker or thinner areas, the electronic yarn clearer cuts the yarn and re-knots it. This will remove those yarns that are particularly thick or extremely fine. In practical applications, the effect is good for thick yarn and big belly yarn.

2, color points, color knots, color bars. The black spots in the light-colored yarn are easier to reveal, the white spots in the dark yarn are easier to reveal, and some color-colored strips caused by the flying fibers of the spinning workshop fly into the fly.

1): The color point is very large and floats on the surface, which can be picked up.

2): If the color knots and color strips are thicker, they can be over-cleaned. If the rules are not over-cleaned, they can be woven into cloth and then cut off or picked up, and finally compensated for loss.

3, from the horizontal. There are two situations in the horizontal direction. Spinning mill reasons: generally due to uneven yarn blending or the same batch of yarn on different dates. Reasons for the weaving factory: First, the tension is uneven when weaving; second, it is caused by the weaving of the batch or the date of the yarn that is separated by the production date. For the reason of the weaving factory, the weaving factory may be required to cooperate with the batch weaving and weaving the yarns with similar production dates. Specific solutions should be considered depending on the proportion, severity and customer situation.

4, color difference. The color difference mainly refers to the color difference between the batch and the batch, that is, the batch difference. Yarns that are in the same batch but have a long distance from the production date may also have chromatic aberration, which is the main reason for the traverse. Reasons for the batch difference: 1. There is a batch difference in cotton dyeing. 2. The spinning process has fluctuated during different production periods. 3, white cotton itself has a color difference. Strictly control the batch difference when shipping, different batches of yarn need to be color first, OK can be shipped. If there is a difference in color, you need to first batch and then ship the goods or indicate on the delivery note that "the color will be woven and then woven." When the color of the cloth is the same, the following steps should be taken: one depends on the raw materials, the second depends on the yarn count, the third depends on the organization, the fourth depends on the color, and the fifth depends on the color ratio. If the first three items above are inconsistent, these factors should be considered when coloring.

5, color fastness. Color fastness does not meet customer requirements. There are two main reasons for the failure of color fastness: 1. The yarn has a floating color. It is easy to get on the lighter yarn when washing with water. 2. The wet rubbing fastness of the dark yarn is poor, and there will be cases where the above weave is stained. Therefore, special tracking is required for orders between customers' weaving rows. Generally, customers are required to try to weave a small part and wash the water. If it is stained, you can fix the yarn first and then weave the big one.
6, the strength is poor. The difference in strength is likely to cause weaving breaks, which can be passed through: 1. The factory reduces the speed of the vehicle. 2, through the wax to reduce friction and other methods to solve. The difference in strength is mainly due to the weakness of the yarn, the details and the yarn. Sometimes factory weaving breaks are not necessarily due to the strong problem of yarn, depending on the specific situation.

7, cottonseed shells. Washing water and washing more times will reduce some, but the improvement is not big, generally appropriate price cuts.

8, hairy long. It is represented by pilling on the textile. The hairiness is easy to make the fabric pilling during the taking process, which affects the wearing. It can be solved by post-finishing method: singeing, shearing, and resin finishing. Third, the strands are generally used for woven sweaters. The common quality problems in the above knitted fabrics also exist on the sweaters.

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