China Wardrobe Showcase-Guangdong Wardrobe Market Investigation Report

China Wardrobe Showcase - Guangdong Wardrobe Market Investigation Report ? The high-cost market changes its face

From: Wardrobe Exhibition

The Second China (Guangzhou) wardrobe exhibition will be held in Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo in March 2012. As the most important wardrobe industry base in China, Guangdong plays an important role in the domestic wardrobe industry. The wardrobe exhibition committee attaches great importance to this. In order to better meet the needs of exhibitors and visitors, the staff of the Asia-Pacific Media Wardrobe Project Team conducted an in-depth inspection of the Guangdong wardrobe market. The author summarizes several situations reflected in the Guangdong wardrobe market.

High cost-frequent " walking orders "

GDP ca n't beat CPI . Raw materials, labor costs, and store rents are all rising, that is, the commodities that are operated do not dare to be raised at will. In the face of heavy operating pressure, " survival " has become the current strategy of many dealers. According to a shopping guide lady of a local brand direct store in Liyuanju, Huizhou, “ in several nearby stores, many dealers and even domestic famous brand stores, all orders received are transferred to us for production ” . On the topic of " single orders " , in the process of visiting several brand distribution stores, most of the shop owners have adopted an evasive attitude. More euphemistic voices are: " Now it is difficult to do business. "

Fierce competition - accelerated dealer elimination

In the first two or three years, real estate speculators from Shenzhen, Dongguan, Guangzhou, and even other provinces held a lot of banknotes, aiming at the huge opportunity for Huizhou ’s housing price flexibility, and quickly raised Huizhou ’s housing prices by several times. for a while. A year ago, the author visited three adjacent stores: Huizhou Liyuanju, Tai'anju, and Sanhuan Decoration City. As the most well-known gathering place for decorative building materials in Huizhou, unlike the previous years, " new faces " have replaced many " old faces " . According to the local store operators introduced nearly two years, "the renewal of licenses shake-up" stores up to one-third.

Merchants join- " Quality " has become the main demand

At present, the difficulty of attracting investment is increasing ? Xu Yanjian, general manager of Xiya Cabinet, does not agree with this view. Mr. Xu believes that the Chinese home furnishing market will never be a market where a certain big brand can monopolize. Nowadays, the trend of price scramble in the wardrobe market has emerged. For business investment, what is sought is a " high-quality " franchisee with the same concept, which can breathe and share the same fate with the enterprise, rather than a franchise that " hangs the sheep's head to sell dog meat " . The difficulty is: when the dealer is familiar with this industry and finds that the profit is very large, he will take some small actions ( such as: taking orders ) , renege on his promises, and abandon the letter of commitment signed with the enterprise ; and truly " quality " Distributors will maintain a high level of loyalty with the company and have a low chance of changing cards.

Reduce risk- " R & D " is a life-saving straw

Whether the first-line dealers can maintain profitability is closely related to the company's R & D capabilities. The lack of R & D capabilities means that it is difficult for companies to create a selling point in the product market, which leads to weaker competitiveness of dealers in the market and eventually toward loss. Survival of the fittest, the remainder is king. When visiting many dealerships, most brand dealers' shopping guides strongly recommended their own products with unique selling points. The author is convinced that these special products can indeed make consumers want to buy. In contrast, the retail store with a low price is lost in confusion, unable to extricate itself, and ultimately unable to escape the fate of elimination.

Restrictions on the property market - high-end brand " cheap "

The government issued a " restriction of purchase order " , the property market was in a downturn, and home furnishing dealers generally complained. During the interview, the author found that not all dealers are the same sad " model face " . According to some shopping guides at Liyuanju's dealers in Huizhou, the " restriction of purchase order " did indeed cause the property market to " blow down " sharply, but it did not mean that no one was renovating. On the contrary, it is precisely because of the purchase restriction order that people with spare money can no longer speculate on the real estate industry, so they use the money to decorate, " Of course, the house you buy must be decorated in a high-end. " Therefore, high-end distributors are doing well. This phenomenon has also been confirmed in the street of cabinets and wardrobes in Huangpu Avenue, Guangzhou.

Mining profits -the voice of industry chain integration is high

When the decoration and building materials industry is further subdivided, cabinets are used as a branch to form an industry independently. Due to its strong professionalism, in just a few years, cabinet production enterprises adopted the " chain franchise " model for rapid layout, and monopoly and distribution stores accounted for almost one-third of the building materials decoration city. As the number of stores increased and competition intensified further, the profits of dealerships were diluted, and the demand for strengthening the integration of the industrial chain and increasing the profit of single orders was increasing. This tests the integration ability of every enterprise. Opie not only integrates the wardrobe and bathroom, but also integrates kitchen utensils such as kitchen knives and cutting boards, creating a new profit point for your dealer. What about you ?

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