China successfully developed the highest level of graphene supercapacitors in the world

China successfully developed the highest level of graphene supercapacitors in the world

Three times more power, more efficient use of electricity, can be used for longer, today, China Motors official website announced that the new generation of high-power graphene supercapacitor independently developed by CRRC Zhuji has come out.

It is understood that these two products are "3 V / 12000 Farah graphene / activated carbon composite electrode super capacitor" and "2.8 V / 30000 Farah graphene nano hybrid super capacitor."

CRRC said that experts from the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Yang Yusheng, Liu Youmei, and Professor Zhang Shichao of the National 863 Energy Saving and Energy Storage Project, and nine experts unanimously identified: 3V/12000 Farah Supercapacitors and 2.8V/30000 Farah Supercapacitors represent the world’s current super With the highest level of capacitive monolith technology, R&D continues to lead the world.

In terms of technical indicators, the 2.8V/30000 Farad Supercapacitor is suitable for the main trolleybus drive. The single-charge mileage can be increased from the current 4 to 6km to 8 to 10km to meet the requirement that vehicles only need to be charged at the first and last stations. At the same time also has the charge and discharge rate, long cycle life and other advantages.

Currently, about 60,000 buses are renewed online every year in mainland China. If all the supercapacitors are used as the main driving power, the annual energy savings will be 584 million kWh and the carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced by 6.7 million tons.

The 3V/12000 Farah Supercapacitor is suitable for the main drive of trams. The single-charging mileage can reach 6km. It has zero emission characteristics and is more than 30% energy-efficient than a tram.

It is reported that compared to activated carbon supercapacitors, graphene/activated carbon composite electrode supercapacitors have greater energy and longer lifespan, and can be widely used in consumer electronics, rail transit, urban public transport systems, national defense and aerospace, energy recovery of cranes, and power generation. Smart grid and other fields.

At present, a variety of supercapacitors, such as 9500 Farads and 7500 Farads developed by China CSR Zhuzhou Machinery Co., Ltd., have been widely used on trams in Guangzhou, Wuhan, Huai'an, and the 196th street bus in Ningbo. (Wannan)

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