China's machine tool industry has achieved innovations in key parts

After several years of hard work, China's machine tool industry has achieved a number of innovative achievements in the field of key functional components. Representative products are:

1.HNC-32 optical fiber bus numerical control system, HNC-210A/B type numerical control system
Developed by Wuhan Huazhong CNC Co., Ltd., all adopt PC-based open architecture, 4 channels (expandable), the maximum number of axes is 32 axes, and the largest LCD screen is 15 inches, which meets the different needs of users from mid-range to high-end.

The CNC system has been successfully applied to CNC machine tools of many machine tool manufacturers, such as: Haliang Group HL5001A seven-axis linkage parallel machining center, Shanghai Haige CNC Technology Co., Ltd. HELIX-CNC-5D five-axis linkage CNC grinding machine, Beijing Shengwei Hongji Company MK2200 type nine-axis six-link CNC belt grinding machine, Shandong Weida Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. XH716 five-axis machining center, Beijing Electromechanical Institute A3 six-axis parallel machine tool, Guihang Group SWT850 five-axis linkage machining center .

2.GDS60 optical fiber bus open CNC system
Developed by Dalian Guangyang Technology Engineering Co., Ltd., this product can realize high-speed real-time information transmission between CNC system and servo drive, device layer sensor and execution components; PCL system with high reliability; high reliability control computing platform 915 chipset, supports most P4 CPUs; has powerful CNC engine, supports 8-channel control, supports up to 32-axis linkage per channel; opens to users at multiple levels, supports machine controller device hardware configuration; powerful data acquisition function And data expansion function, providing synchronous acquisition of device data through GLINK; with 16384 times subdivision to improve the resolution and accuracy of the motion measurement system.

Dalian Kede CNC Co., Ltd. successfully used this system for KDW-4200FH horizontal turning and milling machine tool control, realized double drive control, direct drive control and multi-channel control. The machine tool precision and machining efficiency reached the international advanced level of similar machine tools.

3.TK62500 direct drive turntable
Developed by Yantai Global Machine Tool Accessories Group Co., Ltd., the product uses a built-in torque motor to directly drive the table to rotate, replacing the long-term use of gear transmission or worm gear transmission structure, no backlash, and equipped with high-resolution encoder. The speed of the turntable can be ten times higher than that of the gear drive and the worm gear drive, with high speed, high precision and high reliability. Main indicators: turret diameter Ñ„500mm, turret height 380mm, maximum speed 300r/min, maximum torque 500Nm, indexing accuracy 5", repeatability 2".

4.SM series double pendulum milling head
Developed by Dalian Guangyang Technology Engineering Co., Ltd., the product adopts the direct drive technology of the outer rotor torque motor which the company obtained the invention patent. It can subdivide the output signal of the angle measuring system of the double oscillating head by up to 65536 times and perform on-line compensation for accuracy. With high positioning accuracy and speed and acceleration, no loss of precision. Compared with the inner rotor torque motor, the outer rotor torque motor has higher torque and higher mechanical efficiency under the same volume, and can achieve smooth running, large clamping torque and stable clamping. Main indicators: A, C axis maximum torque 2000Nm, maximum speed 60r / min, positioning accuracy 5"; spindle maximum torque 130Nm, maximum power 27kW, maximum speed 18000r / min.

5.JF16020TR-11-T5/10975X10000 type super long heavy duty ball screw pair
Developed by Nanjing Process Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., this product is an important functional component of CNC machine tools such as CNC gantry milling, CNC floor boring, and large pentahedron machining centers. The main technical parameters of the products are international advanced level. The main indicators are: nominal diameter Ñ„160mm, The nominal lead is 20mm; the total length is 10970mm, in which the ball thread length is 10000mm; the rated dynamic load is 45t, and the rated static load is 250t.

6.LGR type roller linear guide pair
The LGR-type linear guide pair exhibited by New Kate Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., the comprehensive precision can reach the national high-precision level 1 in the national industry standard, and the highest precision P3 level meets the international standard. The running speed can reach 120m/min, the maximum running speed is 180m/min, and the acceleration reaches 30m/s?; The rated dynamic load of 35, 45, 55, 65 common type guide rails are 58kN, 92kN, 140kN, 248kN respectively. The guide rail pair adopts DB45 combination, which can bear the load of up, down, left and right, and four directions; the inner and bottom of the slider are equipped with a sealing film, which has excellent dustproof performance.


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