Changsha new house decoration company what new house decoration what precautions

Many young people are busy with work. They have no intention of worrying about their own house decoration. At this time, most people think of looking for a professional decoration company. Renovation of new homes is a major event at home, so it is necessary to understand the relevant knowledge, such as the decoration company, decoration notices, etc., the following small series for everyone to introduce what the new home decoration company in Changsha , new home decoration, what precautions.

Changsha new home decoration company recommended

1. Changsha Point Home Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.

The company was founded in 1998, and it is 20 years old today. It is believed that local residents still have some understanding of it. In 2003, Changsha Shijiazhuang Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. was assessed by Changsha Municipal Bureau of Housing and Landscaping. The Housing Enterprise, the 2003 Hunan Ten Famous Designers, and the 2003 Hunan Ten Enterprise Building Materials Enterprise, and later won many honors. It has extensive experience in design and decoration, and the quality has reached Hunan Province. Quality acceptance standards are one of the companies that consumers trust.

2. Changsha Dongyi Risheng Decoration Co., Ltd.

This company was founded in 1996, two years earlier than the above, and has repeatedly won various honors in this 20-year period. In 2004, Changsha Dongyi Risheng Decoration Co., Ltd. as the sole representative of the home improvement industry continued to reelected as "the 500 best in China. "Value Brand", "Top Ten Chinese Excellent Chartered Brand", "China Top 100 Building Decoration Industry", and other honorary titles; originated from the beginning and end of the customer service, customer-oriented firm belief, let it in the customer's Support and trust grow rapidly.

New home decoration matters needing attention

1, first of all need a reasonable design

Obviously, each family's house is different and unique. Of course, when planning the interior decoration, it is necessary to take a seat and use the actual conditions of your home as a benchmark. You can refer to the design of similar units, but you can't copy it; The choice should pay attention to the main color should not exceed three, or long-term will make the eyes tired; as far as possible in the original structure of the building remains unchanged, easy to affect the overall lighting and ventilation; TV wall materials are available for a variety of options, should not be too much The use of stone, because of the reflective effect, affect vision.

2, how to skillfully purchase materials

This is also a very important point. The quality of the materials used in the entire process is various. It is awkward for people who do not understand. Here is the introduction for everyone: First of all, learn about the well-known brands of various building materials, and separate them from ABC. Three categories, according to their own economic situation to buy, it is best to choose the quality and after-sale protection of the brand; then to understand the corresponding materials, the same product prices will appear in different physical stores will be different, so shop around is necessary; Finally, you can buy in the identity of the people in the industry, a large quantity of Congyou, not cheap will not work.

Summary: The above is the introduction of Changsha's new house decoration company and the matters needing attention that Xiao Bian brings to you today. I believe that my friends also have a certain understanding. We can refer to the decoration design of Changsha new house . I hope this article has for you Help me.

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