Cable reel action cable reel installation considerations

In simple terms, have we found a phenomenon where many devices have a coil and the coils are very nice and neatly arranged, but when we unwrap the lines that are wrapped in them and want to rewind them, you You will find out how to wrap around and not get back to the original state. Why? This is due to the role of the wire stripper .
[wire line function]

The wire arranging device can maintain the angular symmetry between the movable arm and the fixed arm, ensuring that it can be replaced at any time when the pressure of the pressure spring is insufficient.
You can use the cable to adjust the speed of operation, to meet the thrust of the cable, and can extend the life of machinery and equipment. What needs to be reminded at this point is that it is appropriate to adjust the thrust of the cable arranging device, otherwise over tightening will cause the cable eliminator not to change direction.
The working principle of the cable device
The hypothetical description is made with a Roman rod device. The Roman bar device is commonly used for the suspension of curtains. Assuming that the long bar in the middle of the Roman bar device is not crushed, the long bar can also be rotated within the bracket. If the right hand is used to rotate clockwise at the right end, the right end of the long bar is The hanging ring can rotate in place with the long rod, and the two hanging loops on the left side of the hanging ring move to the left front end along with the rotation of the long rod. If the length of the long rod is inclined, the hanging ring is moved to the left. The speed is also accelerating.
However, the principle of the light rod wire arranging device is similar to that of the Roman rod device, and the friction effect is used to achieve the motion effect through the inner ring of the bearing, but the inner diameter of the inner ring of the bearing of the light bar wire pylon is arc-shaped .
[Notes for Installing the Cable Adapter]

Wire strippers play a very important role in the production of large-scale manufacturers in the production of machinery, so the installation should pay special attention to the installation of the cable device to avoid damage. Let's talk about the installation instructions of the wire stripper:
1. The installation of the cable arranging device is generally required to be installed in accordance with the technical requirements related to the type and size of the production machinery and equipment, and then the accessories such as rails, polished rods, and impact blocks are installed.
2, for the installation of wire rod surface hardness requirements of the rod is generally HRC50 ° ~ 60 °, the diameter tolerance requirements: h6, straightness requirements: <0.1mm / m, length requirements: generally should not choose more than the diameter of the light rod 20 ~ 30 times, both sides of the polished rod must be chamfered 2 × 30 °.
【Wire Size Price 】
Changzhou Oukun Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd. production of wire device, model factory direct light rod wire feeder GP-15 type, the product's power supply voltage is 380, the main shaft direction is right, the product's applicable wire diameter is 1.5 (mm), The product is on the wholesale route, which is based on the principle of large quantity and merit. If you purchase 1-2 units, the price of the product is ¥430.00. If you purchase 3-6 units, the price of the product is ¥425.00. If you purchase 7 units, Or more than 7 sets, the price of the product is ¥420.00.

Through the above introduction of the function of the wire stripper , it is hoped that it will help the technical staff who need to use the wire stripper in their work. If you want to know more about the cable finder, please continue to pay attention to this site

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